Bug [FTB Infinity Evolved 2.6.0] Air Infused Seed on expert mode

Discussion in 'Modpack Bugs' started by Trzyzet, Mar 20, 2017.

  1. Trzyzet

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    Hi mates,

    Its my first post, because I need to post bug. I try with my friend to go in magic mods like Thaumcraft, Botania etc, and on expert mode We need to explore them at the same time - recipe, items from one is needed for another mods.
    I want to infuse elemental seeds to make Thaumcraft essentia. Not only on Expert mode, on standard too I can only make a Air Infused Seed, propably because all Thaumcraft shards have this same ID. It's especially maked if it's an error?

    Thanks for Your reply.

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