Problem FTB Infinity 1.7 Server Crash at start [Win10]


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Jul 29, 2019
When trying to start a brand new server after installing The Newest Server Installer for FTB Infinity Evolved, I'm getting a few different errors in my crashlog, all similar and it seems random which one it chooses. I'm not sure why/how to fix this. Sometimes EnderIO shows no problems and there seems to be no actual error in the crashlogs.

In testing the last few days, I've completely uninstalled all minecraft/FTB/JAVA programs, ran ccleaner, restarted my PC(s), reinstalled Java 64bit offline and re-downloaded FTB from the FTB launcher to no avail. I can launch singleplayer in different modpacks fine, and I had an older FTB Infinity Evolved server running on my PC a few months ago that was about a year old.

I tested a few other modpacks (Direwolf20, skyblock) and those windows server installer files work fine. Server starts up without any problems and I can connect to them fine.

Sometimes the error will show "An unknown AE2 API is installed..."
Sometimes the error will show "The RF API that is being used..."
Sometimes the error has both as pictured below.

Logs below: - shows the 'no error' crash report.

Picture below:

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