FTB Direwolf20 Server updating problems

Discussion in 'Server Tech Support' started by Chaos Hedgehogs, Jan 29, 2013.

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    Hi i've had a personal server for me and my friends running on the 1.4.6 direwolf20 server that you download and now that its updated to 1.4.7 i decided to download the 1.4.7 server pack and transfer my world save over to there like i would updating a vanilla server. The problem is that it sais cant reach server if i have my old world file in but will connect just fine to the one it creats when you run the .bat file the first time.

    Am i missing a step somewhere or doing this wrong?

  2. Rogue2eagle

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  3. xSINZx

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    I updated mine yesterday also.
    Extracted FTB server 5.01 to a new folder. Placed world folder only in, Before clicking the Start Server.bat file. It setup my world main nether and one I didnt have 7 (twighlight forest?) but not my mystcraft ages.
    Started server. Stopped server. Started again and logged in then tried my mystcraft ages by using the Books and that seemed to add them into the server worlds.
    Are you you using an old server.properties file that may have an IP in it? Have you reset your router and gotten a new IP?
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    Copy the world from your server to a client with V5, open the client and start a Singleplayer and select your world map.
    Just let it run for abit (he needs to change some ID's). After you get your normal screen and can move around. Quit the singleplayer

    Copy the world folder back to the server and start the server.

    !Important: Make sure before attempting anything with your worlds that you have a backup!

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