Casual Server FTB Custom Unleashed Server ( Mo Creatures ) ( Minecraft Comes Alive )

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Jul 29, 2019
My server is a private server and we have lots of fun. Your age doesn't matter. You don't even need to have a mic.
The Server is dedicated running on 6gbs of ram. Recommend that you join out Teamspeak server.
The gamemode is Survival in case you were wondering.
Teamspeak Address -
Minecraft Server Address -

You must add and disable a few mods in the mod pack.If you don't know how to do this I will explain how in my teamspeak server. If you already know how to add mods and know which folders they go in to feel free to do it ahead of time. Here are the links and mods to disable.

Enchanting Plus
Hat Stand
Omni Tools
Power Converters
Steves Carts

Nether Ores
Death Timer ( If you want )

Mods to Add ( I will link you to these mods ) Have any mods to recommend for the server?

Mo Creatures (Goes in Mods)

Minecraft Comes Alive (Goes in Mods)

GuiApi (Goes in JAR Mods)

Custom Mob Spawner (Goes in Mods)
Attached it to post.

If you have no clue on how to add mods I will explain in my teamspeak server. Poke Ryan's Mic on Teamspeak