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Discussion in 'Texture packs' started by Rathengar, Jul 11, 2017.

  1. Rathengar

    Rathengar New Member

    Is there any texture packs with 64x or higher that cover all files in beyond around ? tried search on google and look abit around but those few i noticed was either not 64x or didtn cover all files.

    I hope im just blind as a bat, because i really hate playing with original look and those low quality texture packs. Kinda make me not wanna play Minecraft, i dislike it that much :p
  2. Rathengar

    Rathengar New Member

    Well .. Guess there arent then.

    Is there atleast some texture pack around covering all items ? :)
  3. Avarthas

    Avarthas Guest

    I'm searching for the exact same thing myself! I'll keep you updated if I find anything worthwhile, and you try to do the same as well! Might make this work afterall! :D
  4. Olegbragunov

    Olegbragunov Guest

    My friend's been searching for them for some time now, still no luck.
  5. FatalScroll

    FatalScroll Guest

  6. Rathengar

    Rathengar New Member

    Soartex doesn cover all files in alot of the later minecraft versions. They hade nothing at all for this mod pack last i checked, heck they hade nothing for that minecraft version at all. And yes Sphax Pure kinda cover it all, but only if you sit down and gather all the files yourself. They dont have an actualy pack. I found one having most from another user somewhere in my google search. But gotta say i dislike the look of it. But i use it still since its the only pack i actualy found.

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