[FTB Beyond] My blood altar setup? Not what you think.



So, I'm playing FTB Beyond 1.10.0 and I'm at the point where I want to get into Blood Magic transposers because those damn rubber tree logs with sap in them need to be relocated. >:C
I'm not a good builder, in fact, I'm absolutely horrid at building! But there is something I'm pretty good at and that's logical thinking. Fortunately due to that, I could make some pretty dope stuff.

Prologue: There's no ComputerCraft in Beyond, only OpenComputers and my god how confusing it was to get an OpenComputers computer up and running, but once I did, everything was a breeze.

So I thought to myself, how could I make myself a fancy blood altar setup. I'm not a good builder, so that's absolutely out of the question. (Look at exhibit A down below.)

Exhibit A:

And that's when it hit me! Fancy computer works. There's this thing in OpenComputers called an Adapter. It lets you hook up to various blocks to get info or do other things with it. When I was fiddling around I made a simple EU monitor with it for my IC2 machines. (Exhibit B)

Exhibit B:

And out testing I go, hook up the adapter to the blood altar, write code to see the components attached to the computer aaaaaaaaaand.... It's not there. Some googling later and I see that there used to be integration in 1.7, but there wasn't any in 1.10. (I also found out EnderIO capacitor banks and energy cells don't have any either) What do? How do? That's when I decided I'll take matters into my own hands. I did a tiny bit of modding AGES ago (talking years here) and thought that I could probably write a driver mod for OpenComputers. I took a few looks at the examples laid out. (Blood Magic had most of the stuff intact, a few functions were missing which I added to my driver. But there was absolutely NO EnderIO capacitor bank interaction previously either, so that's what I pretty much had to make from scratch (Not mega hard)) And a few hours later trying to learn the new workspace setup and stuff and I'm finished. Test it out. Works. EnderIO and Blood Magic interaction with OpenComputers by my own hands.

Is that a screen near my altar?
What might be on it?
Fancy altar thingamajiggy? YES.
All of them are variables. They change according to the changes to the altar.

(Aiming for tier 4 to get the ritual that lets me get LP from a woot farm. .-.)

Midnight out!

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Dec 23, 2012
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And I feel you pain with OC. I was trying to read an Ender I/O capacitor bank and couldn't. Wound up using Ender I/O energy monitor and just reading the redstone output out of that for what I needed. But it would have been nice to have the actual energy reading.


@Kel_Co I don't mind releasing the jar. If you're playing on a server, then the server needs to install the mod. (No need to install on client side.) In case you're playing in SP, then the client side needs the mod. http://www.uberkawaii.eu/randomfiles/ocintegration-1.0.jar (I also did not write any dependencies into it, so there's no safeguards as to if the mod is installed etc, that's up to your own discretion, just plop it into your mods folder of the client or server.)
@Henry Link Yeaaaah. I thought about doing the EnderIO power monitor at first too, but then I quickly understood how limited the actual monitoring is, nearly nonexistent exact readings, etc.

EnderIO Capacitor Bank functions (shows up in components as eio_capacitor):
.getMaxEnergy() - Gets max that can be stored in capacitor network (multi-block).
.getEnergy() - Gets amount stored in it.
.getIOAverage() - That's the average In/Out that it displays.
.getMaxOutput() - What the maximum amount of energy the network can output is.
.getMaxInput() - ^, but input.

Blood Altar (shows up as blood_altar):
.getCapacity() - Max blood.
.getCurrentBlood() - Current blood in altar.
.getConsumptionRate() - How much it's using (not sure about time measurement, maybe tick?) for the current item in altar.
.getTier() - Shows as a string i.e ("THREE") what the altar's tier is.
.getProgress() - How much blood has been used for current action in total. (Resets upon extraction of items and is incremental, i.e first slate 1000 + second slate 2000 + third slate 5000 and you'll have 8000 if you get to the third slate.)
.getSacrificeMultiplier() - What's the multiplier from sacrifice runes.
.getSelfSacrificeMultiplier() - ^ self-sacrifice runes.
.getOrbMultiplier() - Rune of the orb multiplier.
.getDislocationMultiplier() - Speed of blood transfer pretty sure, insert/extract, buffer etc.
.getBufferCapacity() - How much the buffer can hold (The in-built buffer of the blood altar. Place a new altar down, put some blood in and see it vanish to get an insight. It's used for blood insertion and extraction from the altar, usual bottle neck if using external blood vessels.)
.getConsumptionMultiplier() - Speed rune multiplier.
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Jul 29, 2019
Cool, thanks a ton! You may want to consider putting it on Curse, as I can see quite a few people needing this.


@Kel_Co I'm not sure if I'd like to put it on Curse per se. That would entail that it's end-user proof, which it by no means is. I.E not having one of the mods is going to crash the game if you add a tile entity next to the adapter since I initialize both drivers regardless if you have only one mod. When the adapter detects a tile entity (any kind), it's going to loop through all the drivers to find a match, once it reaches the missing mod's driver it realizes that "whoops, this doesn't exist, LET ME CRASH THE GAME".


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Jul 29, 2019
Ah, oh well. If you ever get around to making it end user proof though, don't hesitate to put it up there. Love the graphics for your blood altar btw.