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Open Server FrozenSoul | Dw20 1.2.1 | Open | 24/7 | 20tps | GriefPrevention | Nothing banned | Dense Ores | TS3

Discussion in 'Direwolf 20' started by badgernz, Jan 26, 2015.

  1. badgernz

    badgernz New Member

    New Parkour in the lobby, come try it out!
  2. badgernz

    badgernz New Member

    Our Resonant Rise server is just about finished!
  3. badgernz

    badgernz New Member

    Player Shops are coming very soon!
  4. Cik

    Cik New Member

    heh. A simple test as to the integrity of the players...I have a small shack, planted some potatoes in a grove as food. I was able to protect the shack, but not the potato farm. Log in today and my potato farm is gone. Ohh well.
  5. badgernz

    badgernz New Member

    Sorry to hear you got griefed, Please contact a staff member in game if there is one on, otherwise I shall be on in about an hour and will rollback your area and punish the griefer.
  6. sinistan

    sinistan New Member

    Cik, Getting griefed by one player doesn't mean the whole community is like this.
  7. JoesBeenHere

    JoesBeenHere New Member

    what ive seen i dont like. the experience was horrible. Noone talks and theres no mods or admins to answer questions.

    Dynamic map? yes no?
  8. badgernz

    badgernz New Member

    What can we do to make the experience better?

    if you want to talk to other servers use /g [message], there is usually always a staff member on, but they aren't necessarily on the same server as you. and yes there is dynmap
  9. JoesBeenHere

    JoesBeenHere New Member


    north warp south warp.. both dangerous places.. not welcoming people not friendly :/
  10. JoesBeenHere

    JoesBeenHere New Member

    warp south then?
  11. badgernz

    badgernz New Member

    Your posting on the wrong servers forums.... our chat doesnt look anything like that, we do not have any twitch tv stuff on our website or our chat and we so not have member tags...we also dont advertise on the technicserver list. what is the url you are connecting to?

    if i look up your name on enjin the last server you played on was on direwolf20 at which is where im assuming you got the screens from....

    the server on port 25565 on our network is the lobby, not direwolf20
    also our server ip starts with 188.165.

    Therefore please remove your posts

    Thank you

    Last edited: Mar 1, 2015
  12. badgernz

    badgernz New Member

    updated to 1.0.4!
  13. badgernz

    badgernz New Member

    New website coming soon!!
  14. ninja9black

    ninja9black New Member

    Just wanted to tell everyone who is looking for a good server but not sure. This is the best server/s that I have ever seen there are no banned items and everyone is super epic i loged in asked if anyone had spare wood and got a barrel full of it. I have not found a better one so join this one. 9001/10
  15. badgernz

    badgernz New Member

    Just Opened a second infinity server for our US based players, It is a direct copy of the original so you can choose where you want to play
  16. badgernz

    badgernz New Member

    Infinity has now been updated to 1.3.4!
  17. badgernz

    badgernz New Member

    Infinity has new been updated to 1.4.0

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