FPS issues, FTB Revelation

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Sep 28, 2020
Good day and sorry for bothering!

Me and a friend are playing on a server i'm hosting on my own computer and everything seems to work completely fine, but there's one thing i'm struggling with.

Our settings are identical, but yet the world doesn't seem to de-load for me as it does for him ... so eventually it's gonna give me crazy fps drops when i look in the direction of the loaded areas. If i go far, about 1000 blocks to some mountain and back i can still see the mountain 1000 blocks away.

Oddly enough, making any change to render distance fixes it temporarily until i travel and load areas again, even just going from 31 chunks to 32, or from 32 to 31 just seems to un-load the distant stuff.

Why does this happen to me, and not to him? :( I don't want to have to enter video settings hundred times while i play.

Thanks for reading.

EDIT: Figured out the problem. It was after all the render distance being too high. I went from 32 to around 20-24 which seemed to do the trick. I thought it was bugged but it was not. Case closed!
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