Forestry Blocks and Thermal Expansion Pipes show strange behaviour


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Jul 29, 2019
Hi everyone.

I am using Thermal Expansion Opaque Itemducts (Standard) to extract items from my foresty farm.
First I put everything into a chest. However, now I wanted to automate everything and pipe apples from the farm into a squeezer, the juice from the squeezer then goes into a fermenter.

The odd thing is : Without installing a servo, the squeezer suddenly started working. For some reason apples get transported to the squeezer without the need of a servo.
It seems like the farm and the squeezer somehow overwrite the usual behaviour of the thermal expansion Pipes.
However, this ends up being a bit problematic, since they also seem to everwrite the behaviour once a servo has been installed, because black and whitelists will have no effect. Items are getting into the machines no matter how I configure this setup....

Does anyone know anything about this behaviour and/or have a fix for this?


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Jan 2, 2013
The Netherlands
Servos are used to extract from inventories that do not automatically output.
Some machines auto-output themselves. Each mod has its own quirks on how, when or if their machine auto-outputs.

Thermal Expansion machines can also be made to do this, then you need less servos. But in TE's case, you can control their behavior.

I don't know the exact mechanics of how this works for forestry machines, but if I recall correctly, forestry farms (at least the multi-block versions) auto-output to the bottom, but if your connect the output to the side then it doesn't.
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