Fooman's FTB Ultimate: Brutality Config

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  1. Fooman

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    FTB Ultimate: Brutality Config

    This is my FTB Ultimate play through using the Brutality Config. I also have infinite water turned off, so hopefully we'll get some cool creations as a result of these limitations. Comments and criticism are appreciated.

    Latest Episode #9 - Sweeping Sawdust
  2. Fooman

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  3. Fooman

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    #6 - The Beginnings of a Sawmill

    Trying to keep episodes sub 20 minutes, so I feel like not much gets done. I set up the machines needed to make Redstone Energy Conduits/Liquiducts and give a sneak peak at the sawmill and future plans.
  4. dgdas9

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    Brilliant!!Already subbed.

    You should post something here
  5. Fooman

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    I've got two here, I messed up with the production somewhere :<
    I'm going to do all my Thaumcraft research and figure out this whole video production process this weekend. I definitely want to be moving back toward the shorter episodes. 30 minutes just feels too long.

    FTB Brutality: #7 - Building a Thaumcraft Tower
    I try my hand at building on camera, this is a longer and slower paced episode. I just felt bad spending more than half of my time in the world without you guys when I build off camera.

    FTB Brutality: #8 Thaumcraft & 1x1 Water Source
    Something terrible, something awesome. A short tutorial on how to begin research, and I set up a water source for my Thaumcraft Crucible. I must have Golems!
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  7. Fooman

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    FTB Brutality #10 - Not a Tesseract

    Another episode down in the sawmill. I finally put a cargo distributor on my Steve's Cart farm, and use a chest cart to move logs down to the sawmill. A few words of warning: I'm bad at Railcraft.
  8. Fooman

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    FTB Brutality #11 - Sawmill, What's Next?

    Some more work in the sawmill, I talk about what's left down here, and set up the Charcoal production. We'll be finishing this project up shortly.

    I feel like I'm slowing down somehow. Maybe I've just played so much Minecraft that doing simple things don't seem interesting to me. Maybe I'll have to be more informative when doing something simple. I don't really want to cut it out because I've always thought one of the cool things about a series is the viewer get to watch the progression.
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    love your videos guy :)
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    thanks :>

    Sorry, it took so long to post this here, been really busy for a building competition on the server I play on. Maybe I will make a video of my creation when I'm done. Competition ends Saturday so it's like super rushed.

    FTB Brutality #12 - Setting up a Boiler

    In this episode I set up a boiler, and run a ton of pipe. Also set up a simple way to monitor the water level in the boiler, wouldn't want it to explode now would we.
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    Gonna start watching this soon.

    After stuff happens.

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