Open Fluid terminal not filling bucket

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Summary of the problem Fluid terminal not filling bucket

Pack Version 1.2.0

What is the bug? When I put a bucket in the ME Fluid terminal and select a fluid, the bucket isn't filled up. Nothing happens at all. I have more than enough of the fluid in my ME system, it is visible in the terminal, it is visible that I selected this fluid to be used, but my bucket isn't filled.

This worked for me in the 1.1.0 version, but when I upgraded to version 1.2.0, it doesn't work any more.

Mod & Version Extra Cells 2 & AE2 (default versions of the modpack)

Link to log file no log file

Is it repeatable? Yes, try to fill a bucket in the ME fluid terminal. Noting again that this is for the version of 1.2.0 of the modpack.

Known Fix