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    I've been interested in expert packs since IE:E, but rarely do you stick with one mod long enough to truly explore the possibilities. Enter Floramancer, a Botania-centric expert modpack. Very few changed recipes, no questbook, and a clear goal with no defined path forward all make for an entertaining pack.

    The twist to this pack is... all generating flowers decay. Yep, one hour each, no exceptions. This may sound simple enough to work around - set up a jaded amaranthus, craft a huge backlog, and stay AFK for a while - but every flower will need to be automated. On top of that, storage options are limited.

    I have decided to undertake this challenge. Armed with only my knowledge of vanilla redstone and Botania (and youtube, if needed), I strive to make over 1,400 pools worth of mana between every flower to make the Galactic Potato - a nine-times compressed tiny potato. I do have cheats on so that I can go into spectator mode and take pictures, but otherwise this'll be full survival. On top of that, I'm adding the additional challenge of not using mana voids.

    Guys and gals, wish me luck.
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    Well, days one and two are finished, and I've made some pretty good progress. I found a really nice cave system to call home (thanks Worley's Caves!), got a handful of diamonds, and set myself up with level 30 enchanting and manasteel tools and armor. I ended up with a fortune 3 pick and a silk touch pick. A second caving expedition netted about two stacks of diamonds, and a bunch of gold, iron, and emeralds too. I should be good on that front for a while.

    Mana gen currently is slow, with 8 hydroangeas plus an endoflame at once, but I did find a few interesting locations...

    That big stone pyramid has a creeper spawner, then I also found a triple cave spider spawner. In the Nether, I was instantly under assault, so peaceful mode it was for a bit. Flying around in spectator mode revealed a double blaze spawner about 1k blocks away, so I have a lot of digging to do. It'll be a good upgrade from coal for my endoflames, though, and I can get much better light blocks than torches now.

    EDIT: Server's still being wonky, I'm uploading the screenshots to an imgur album instead. https://imgur.com/a/WSNEboV
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    Well, I built the two blaze spawner farms. They provided more than enough XP to enchant a looting 3 manasteel sword (YAY), and I now have a more reliable source of burnables than coal, and faster than charcoal. (Char)coal blocks burn 80 items, blaze meshes burn 120. That means more efficient endoflames, so I constructed a Rod of the Seas and brought over the materials for those. Can't automate it, but I can batch craft a bunch at a time.

    I set up a portal above this, I'm going to move my main base to the overworld over here. I *really* don't want to have to travel 1k blocks every time I want to visit this place. It'll mean abandoning that triple cave spider spawner for now, but that's fine.

    Next goal is terrasteel, I guess, then opening the trading portal.

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