Request Finnaly ftb is back as it was^^

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Jul 23, 2020
This was ment to be posted in the launcher feedback, but i didnt have the privileges to post there. It would be great if it was moved there^^

Its great to see ftb back on their own launcher again! When ftb was working with i got alittle annoyedby all the hassle from twitch, and not to say, i found it rather hard to navigate around there. So therefore i made my own launcher, and i may have implemented support for ftb's modpakc api, along with technic api to get everything in one place. But over the past months ive found out that theres always ways to improve a launcher, and your like never in goal with it. So when you guys finnaly came back from twitch, i was overjoyed and can't wait to use an amazing launcher. Hopefully you would find some usefull parts from my launcher, if your ever stuck, just to see how ive solved it. ALso it would be AWESOME if i could join working on the launcher or join the dev team. :D

loster31345 or lobster
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