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Finding Nether Fortresses

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by RandomMoped, Jun 14, 2013.

  1. RandomMoped

    RandomMoped Popular Member

    Well I'm in my single player world needing ender tanks, and I realised I didn't have any blaze rods. So I went to the nether (which for some reason was really laggy) and I couldn't find one. Anyone know an easy way of finding them/a different way to get blaze rods? Btw I'm on 152ngt
  2. Darknesschaos

    Darknesschaos New Member

    Get some sort of movement boosting ability, a jetpack and some fire resist potions and go hunting.

    Alternatively, a mystcraft world with a nether fortresses page, but I think that one is fairly obvious.
  3. Poppycocks

    Poppycocks New Member

    pick one direction, any direction, dig or fly straight at level 70.

    You'll find one with a statistical chance of over 70% in the next 600 meters.
    (warning the numbers may or may not be made up)
  4. Yusunoha

    Yusunoha New Member

    well, you could also go the cheaty way, since you don't have GregTech.
    go to a dessert, and collect some cinderpearl flowers, as they drop blaze powder.
    then get a minimum stone, and put the stone and 2 blaze powder in a crafting grid to get a blaze rod, you can then macerate/pulverize/grind it to get about 4-5 blaze powder from that 1 blaze rod, then repeat the minium stone part and keep repeating this all till you've the amount of blaze rods you wanted. it's a bit cheaty, but minecraft sure can get annoying from time to time if you're trying to find a certain resource
  5. Starfang42

    Starfang42 New Member

    My personal way of choice right now is build some MPS armor, put gliders, as well as the jump upgrade on it, and keep things reasonably light. Depending on which sets of crafting recipes you have enabled for MPS (Vanilla seems easiest, some of the parts can be a bit expensive with IC2 recipes), this can get a bit expensive iron-wise since a servo takes 10 refined iron by my count. But being able to glide effortlessly between islands and stuff is just so fun, and it makes covering distance a lot easier.

    You may want to get some cinderpearls anyways, since heat doesn't dissipate naturally in the nether, and a cooling system needs 4 eyes of ender.
  6. Dare2Win

    Dare2Win New Member

    I found 4 nether fortresses without looking for them, i manully saw 1, and then mapwriter showed me the other 3 i was near. It is a really awesome mod. I think it is a lot cooler than reis, but not quite perfect yet. Its really handy at finding fortresses
  7. zemerick

    zemerick New Member

    Actually, no. EE3 has this recipe disabled by default in newer versions, such as those used in the 152 packs.

    Granted, if you can set up the dev environment, you can reenable them easily enough.
  8. Yusunoha

    Yusunoha New Member

    pahimar changed that? well, I didn't know because I am still in my 1.4.7 world, but in my world the recipe doesn't work either because I thought Gregtech disabled it.
  9. Poppycocks

    Poppycocks New Member

    G doesn't really touch mods he considers too OP to be used with Gtech to begin with.
  10. tehBlobLord

    tehBlobLord New Member

    I can't believe nobody has mentioned the old vanilla trick yet!
    From the Minecraft Wiki:
    Nether Fortresses tend to spawn in "strips" aligning along the Z axis (north/south) in the nether, making them easier to find after one has already been found by simply moving north or south, keeping the X coordinate steady. This is a good method to use if you are having trouble finding Nether Fortresses Basically, if you have found one already, go along the Z axis and you will find more.
    If you havn't found one, going along the Z axis will never show you one; so if you want to find one move along your X axis.
  11. Jess887cp

    Jess887cp New Member

    One of the best tips I can give you is "be lucky."

    I'm not even kidding.

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