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    Hi I'm trying to find or breed a common bee. I had a princess mystic-common and a drone mystic-common. I had no other drones that were common hybrid.

    My question is whether common bees will come out of a mutation or if they will only come out of breeding a hybrid which includes a common?

    Thanks in advance!

    P.S. Using FTB Unleashed 1.1.7.
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    Yes, crossbreeding any two different bees that you get from hives (so Forest, Meadows, Modest, Wintry, and in your case Mystic) have a chance of mutating to common. Since you have a Princess and a Drone that are both Common hybrids, just keep breeding them together and trying to get a purebred Common breeding pair. Forestry bees' genes follow real life genetics in that each bee has 2 genes for each trait, each one inherited from one of its parents' at random.
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    Forestry is a combination of Mendelian Genetics, and a custom "species" mutation mechanism. In conventional genetics a "species" would be a cluster of traits, in Forestry the "species" is simply one of the traits.

    If you have bees with traits you are trying to optimize, and you wish to ignore Forestries mutation mechanisim, then you would use a Bee House as In a Bee House there is no chance of mutation.

    Pure mendelian genetics means that for each trait (such as species, range, flower etc.) the princess has two options "A" and "B" and the drone has two options, "C" and "D" - all the children will have random combinations "AC", "AD", "BC" and "BD".

    So, given your "Mystic|Common" princess and "Mystic|Common" drone, the princess and any drones produced will choose randomly: "Mystic|Mystic","Mystic|Common","Mystic|Common","Common|Common".

    So a 1/4 chance of getting a pure Mystic or Common, and a 1/2 chance of getting a hybrid of Mystic and Common. (Which one will be dominant is unclear and possibly random, but Mystic (common) and Common (mystic) are essentially the same thing.

    Now, if bred in a Apiary, your given hybrids have a chance to trigger a mutation, which will randomly replace a half the trait options with options associated with Diligent - including one of the species options.
    So a Mystic|Common princess with a Mystic|Common drone in an apiary will produce offspring with the following chances (assuming that most mutations have a 5% chance of being triggered):-
    1/4 Mystic
    1/4 Common
    ~45/100 Mystic|Common
    ~2.5/100 Diligent|Mystic
    ~2.5/100 Diligent|Common
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    I strongly recommend watching this video on bee breeding by mindcrafters, it is one of th best I've come accross.

    To specifically answer your question, common bees have a chance to breed from breeding any 2 types of 'mundane' bees (that is, bees found naturally like forest, meadows etc). You will need to breed two different mundane bees to give you a chance of a common (this needs to be in an apiary, a bee house will not work). Once a common appears do not be fooled! You want to use a beealyser and check that the common is a thoroughbred. Once you have a thoroughbred drone and a thouroughbred queen then breeding these two together will yield more commons or something new :) this is quite important. Often you will get commons that are common-forest hybrids. These have a chance of creating forest bees (not what you want)

    Take care!

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    You will very rarely get a 'thoroughbred' from a mutation. In fact, that should never happen unless theres a chance of dual mutations, in which case you're looking at a 5% of a 5% chance, or a 0.25% chance. So your first generation of mutations from mixing mundane bees is always going to be common|mundane. And, as noted, you might not notice the common as the mundane species trait might be active.

    The trick here is to use the Apiarist's Chest as a quick scanner as it can tell you if you are looking at a hybrid or pure bred bee all for the cost of no honey drops at all.

    Regarding so called dominant or recessive traits - I don't know why Forestry bothered with this mechanic as dominance in this context would be relative rather than absolute: i.e. given a set of traits managed by one gene; A, B and C; A could dominate B and C, and B could dominate C, so in a pairing of A and B, A would be dominant and B recessive, but in a pairing of B and C, then B would be dominant and C recessive. Forestry oversimplifies this to just "red" and "blue" traits. And I've never even noticed a correlation between trait color and the trait being active so perhaps its been bugged forever or I just havn't been paying proper attention.
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