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Private Pack Feed the Machine | 1.7.1 | Custom ModPack | Mature 17+ | Online and stable!

Discussion in 'Other Servers' started by Bud, Nov 11, 2012.

  1. Bud

    Bud New Member

    Welcome to Feed the Machine!
    Feed the machine is not your average server. We are strongly community based, have been around since day 1, and have had some great players, and great staff to match. We have recently started a fresh map, and have a great little base set up for new players to get settled. So apply now and get your chance at one of the top 5 most viewed and replied servers on FTB!

    Tech Specs:

    We currently host our server privately. It is a very stable, and very well maintained server.

    CPU - Intel i7 940
    RAM - 12GB Corsair DDR3
    HDD - Western Digital Velociraptor 10k 300GB
    Backup HDD - RAID 5 array, 1.2 TB
    Server OS - Ubuntu 15.04 Vivid Vervet


    We are currently running a custom mod pack, made by Bigdogdk and myself.
    Available on the FTB launcher under the private pack section, it has something to offer for everyone. It can be a little resource intensive, but our server can handle it!

    Our Team:
    Bud_S_moker - Owner / Operator
    BigDogdk - Admin / Modpack creator


    Main Rules
    * Don't be an asshat - It's amazing how all-encompassing this rule can be.
    * Don't use any client-side mods that offer you an obvious advantage over your fellow players and the server. Examples include x-ray textures or mods, hacked clients, fly mods, etc.
    * Using a mod to get around another player's protections or locks (such as using turtles) will earn you an instant and permanent ban.
    * This server is centered around the Survival aspect of Minecraft. Don't ask the staff to give you items, teleport you places or change something about the environment (like asking for daytime or rain turned off).
    * Do not PvP your fellow players outside of sanctioned PvP areas. Punishment for breaking this rule will ramp up fast.
    * Do not use glitches, bugs or exploits to your advantage. If you find one, contact a staff member immediately. If we find out you cheated without saying anything, you will be banned.

    Whitelist Application:

    Please read the rules and guidelines above before applying. If you agree to all those, feel free to continue and fill out an application to get on the whitelist. Only Bigdogdk, and I (bud_s_moker) can accept applications here.After being accepted, register on our forums to have a PM sent to you containing the modpack code.

    In-Game Username:
    What is your Timezone?:
    Have you ever been banned from any type of Minecraft server?:
    If Yes, why?:
    How often will you be active in-game? (Hours per Day/Week):
    Vanilla Minecraft Experience?:
    FTB Experience?:
    Do you have a microphone for TeamSpeak 3?:
    Do you agree to the Rules and Guidelines?:

    Why do you want to join Feed the Machine?:

    What are you looking to gain from playing on our server?:

    What will you be bringing to our server?:

    Other information you would like to add about yourself:

    Any questions you would like to ask:

    --Extra Info--
    Previous Op/Mod experience, and was that Vanilla or Modpack:
    MySQL, Java, or HTML experience?
    How well do you know linux?

    Feed the Machines

    Screen Shots:
    These are some shots from our last server, We hope to be even better this time!
    Spawn town, viewed from above.
    The winner of our recent spawn town house contest, winning the Aesthetics category, Charlie11x's house
    Fusion reactor built by Axed713
    Spawn towns public machine shop.
    Winner of the Creativity category, LunarCast's house, for his recreation of the house from Up.
    Moderator Fayini's house on the ridge.
    Public spawn town portals to the End, Nether, Public mining age, and the Overworld!

    Copyright© bud_S_moker 2013
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  2. Nickodemus

    Nickodemus New Member

    Username: humdedum
    Age: 21
    Previous OP/Mod Experience: I've ran quite a few small private server with a few friends of mine who all enjoy Minecraft. I've been using most of the mods since season 3 of DW20, so I have quite a bit of experience.
    MySQL, Java, or HTML experience? Somewhat experienced in MySQL and HTML. I can solve a few java problems due to C/C++ and C# experience, but not much in that direction.
    How well do you know linux? Relatively well.
    Other information: I've never actually played on a server that hasn't been private. Me and a few friends, 5 or so, are all looking for a decent server to play around on, we're in the age span of 20 to 25, mostly brits and Norwegians. A friendly bunch. :>
  3. lindyhopfan

    lindyhopfan New Member

    Username: lindyhopfan
    Age: 34
    Previous OP/Mod Experience: I've been playing the mods since the beginning of Direwolf20 Season 4, but mostly singleplayer.
    MySQL, Java, or HTML experience? I am a web programmer by trade, so lots of Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, HTML, Javascript, and CSS experience. I also know some Java, having taken three Java classes, but don't use it day to day like I do the LAMP stack stuff.
    How well do you know linux? See above.
    Other information: Just looking for a nice friendly server.
  4. ringgeest11

    ringgeest11 New Member

    Username: ringgeest11
    Age: 17 (18 the 20th of December, if it helps)
    Previous OP/Mod Experience: I am currently in the 116th clan, which counts nearly 2000 members. If you are familiar with the military ranking, I am quite highly ranked and am in charge of the propaganda for some games they play. There is quite a list of requirements before you may apply for the function. It goes all through All in all, I have experience in leadership and in guiding people. As for mod experience, I have been playing Buildcraft since it first came out. Stepped into Industrialcraft (1) at update 2 or 3 so I am very familiar with what each can do and can't. For most of the other mods I have known them for quite a while, but never played with them until I sumbled upon DW20's first playthrough.
    MsAQL, Java or HTML Experience: I am afraid not. My expertise lays more within the mods and moderating than anything too technical.
    How well do you know linux? Not at all to be honest. I have always used windows.
    Other information: I may lack in the technical areas of Linux and Coding, but I am fairly sure I can more than make-up for my lacking with my knowlegde of the modification and how they interact with eachother as well as my (still rapidly) growing experience in what would qualify as Moderating on a server.
  5. yawallek

    yawallek New Member

    Username: yawallek
    Age: 16
    Previous OP/Mod Experience: i make websites with php,html and mysql but no experience with msql in minecraft i know linux quite well used to have a computer on ubuntu and i hosted my own server back in beta times
    Other information: i am playing for two years now if you want to know more feel free to ask and a question from my side how will you handel rp2 missing world gen and do you have a teamspeak server or irc?
  6. luca2849

    luca2849 New Member

    Username - luca2849
    Age - 16 years young
    Previous Op/Mod Experience - I have had quite a few Tekkit, Vanilla and Bukkit servers in the past and I know my way around.
    Other Info - i have been playing minecraft since the start of this year and tekkit fro around 6 months so if you need help I know the mods.
  7. CrazyFreakHi

    CrazyFreakHi New Member

    Username: CrazyFreakHi_786
    Age: 12
    Previous OP/Mod Experience: I have been and admin on two servers and a mod on one server so I have a lot of experience of being op/mod
    Other information: I am very experienced with these mods. I watch a lot of vids on these mods so I know most of them and have played a couple of them myself.
  8. minecontemp6

    minecontemp6 New Member

    Username: minecontemp6
    Age: 13
    Previous OP/Mod Experience: admin on three whitelist servers op on two public . experienced with plugins
    MySQL, Java, or HTML experience? i know very little java lang ( VERY LITTLE )
    How well do you know linux? nope
  9. Bud

    Bud New Member





  10. ToxicSoul9

    ToxicSoul9 New Member

    Username: ToxicSoul9
    Previous OP/Mod Experience: I was Admin on a MLG server, and Mod on a Tekkit Server (Not proud of it)
    MySQL, Java, or HTML experience? Few on Java and HTML, C++ a lot.
    How well do you know linux? No Linux at all, but planing to do it.
    Other information: Am a cool guy, respectful and always willing to help anyone.
  11. allizar

    allizar New Member

    Previous OP/Mod Experience: I have no mod or Op experience
    MySQL, Java, or HTML experience? I have no experience.
    How well do you know linux? I have never used it.
    Other information:I can get on mose days.
  12. luca2849

    luca2849 New Member

    Bud when I join it says I'm not white listed
  13. Fizzgigg

    Fizzgigg New Member

    Username: fizzgigg1
    Age: 15
    Previous OP/Mod Experience: I ran my own server for a bit, have been a high rank, just below mod, on a server for about a year.
    MySQL, Java, or HTML experience? I know some HTML
    How well do you know linux? Fairly well. I am very familiar with Unix, and if I need to I can learn about Linux.
    Other information: I am a freshman in high-school, row as a aport, and am quite athletic unless I am playing video games. I started minecraft modding at around 1.6 Beta, and started minecraft at around 1.2 beta. I consider myself good at english and quite mature.
  14. Bud

    Bud New Member



    Fixed. Must have typed your name wrong.
  15. PoundPup

    PoundPup New Member

    Whitelist app:

    Username: Pound_pup
    Age: 16
    Previous OP/Mod Experience: I've run my own server, but that probably doesn't say too much.
    MySQL, Java, or HTML experience?: A little HTML, but it's not going to be worth anything to you.
    How well do you know linux? None, I do want to learn it at some point.
    Other information: Junior in High School, play a lot of Minecraft in my free time. I play other games as well, but Minecraft is the game I just keep coming back to. I've done modded minecraft since 1.7.3 or so and I'm just looking to play a modded server with some other mod-enthusiasts, I'm pretty experienced with mods as well.
  16. deathangelkiller

    deathangelkiller New Member



    Previous OP/Mod Experience:Right now I am a op in a vanilla minecraft server with some friends from school. (Might sound like an instant op but i was chosen out of 2 people to be an op and i just joined the server/ befriended the server host the previous week and the other two had know the server host for longer than that.) As for mod experience I am very experienced in almost all the mods except for thermal expansion, facterization, extrabees, gregtech, lua for computer craft, and twilight forest. But mods are easy learned.

    MySQL, Java, or HTML experience?: Learning CSS learned more basic HTML, planning on learning MySQL after learning ajax and javascript. Then onto java.

    How well do you know linux?: never used it.

    Other information: I am a computer savvy nerd who is a sophomore in highschool that likes minecraft. According to my family and most people i hang out with say i am more mature than most at my age. Played minecraft since 1.8 and played modded minecraft since 1.9 came out.
  17. Bud

    Bud New Member


  18. nicket

    nicket New Member

    Whitelist app:

    Previous OP/Mod Experience:i was a op on a small server and i have a small server myself
    MySQL, Java, or HTML experience?i have basic experience and basic xhtml experience but no mysql but i have never done any big project but i am learning more for every day
    How well do you know linux? Never used
    Other information:i love minecraft and mods and have played with mods sins 1.7.3
  19. ringgeest11

    ringgeest11 New Member

    Hey Bud, is something wrong with the server? It keeps timing out after having played a couple of minutes. Unable to detect it for a few moments after that, but then it boots itself up again. Any idea to what is wrong?
  20. The_king_99

    The_king_99 New Member

    Previous OP/Mod Experience:I was a moderator on a medium tekkit server i feel like a break from tekkit so ive come to FTB
    MySQL, Java, or HTML experience?non
    How well do you know linux?non
    Other information:love FTB

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