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Favorite Mod for early power gen in 1.12+?

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by Daihok, Oct 18, 2017.

  1. Daihok

    Daihok Guest

    What are you guys favorite methods for power gen Early, Mid and Late game? Trying to think whats gonna be best I have several options, canola, windmills from mekanism. Just looking for some opinions on what you guys prfer in 1.12+?
    this is my current Modlist.
  2. Inaeo

    Inaeo New Member

    Per the wikis (which, granted, may not be current), an Actually Additions Lava Controller uses 150kRF to create a bucket of lava. A bucket of lava in a non-augmented Magmatic Dynamo generates 180kRF. Not too difficult to see the exploit here. Augments can make it more efficient as you upgrade, and a decent battery will likely be needed.

    I haven't played with Industrial Foregoing, but if it's true to MFR standards, you can also use that lava in Steam Boilers to feed an Extreme Reactors Turbine. The link
    in my signature is a breakdown of the same system from 1.7, but all the needed blocks are still in your pack.

    If you've not guessed, I'm a huge fan of shattering the Laws of Thermal Dynamics.
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  3. Daihok

    Daihok Guest

    Wow those are some nice setups. Yea eventually When i do have more resources will prolly go with xetreme reactor combined with Mekanism turbine, Last time i was producing about 2mil rf a tick, but that is quite a ways away. World is still kinda new and right now just still running actually additions coal generators. Its just not enough anymore. Always love when when ya gotta do that power jump. But now you got me thinking on the actually additions combines with thermal sounds promising.
  4. GamerwithnoGame

    GamerwithnoGame Forum Addict

    Early -game: I'm a big lover of canola for the early game. It is a good, reliable source of energy, and the mod that adds it adds nice ways to automate farming it, turning it into oil, and even into crystallised oil. And its straightforward to expand with. It might never be kicking out mid- or late- tier power, but its a good start.

    Mid-game: If you have IE, I'm a big fan of biodiesel. I think the setup for it requires a fair amount of resources to make and use, but its a nice mid-tier power source. And I mean fair - you get a good amount out for what you put in. If its updated to 1.12, the Immersive Petroleum add-on is wonderfully thematic, and you can do proper diesel. And either way, again its upscaleable without too much bother.
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  5. SevenMass

    SevenMass Well-Known Member

    In 1.12
    It is very easy to set up a TE power system using Arboreal Extractor on spruce to produce resin,
    --> resin in refinery to produce tree oil and rosin,
    --> rosin and tree oil in steam dynamo and compression dynamo, also connected to an Aqueous Accumulator, generate RF.

    Infinite power right there.

    The nice thing is, that you'd make a manually fed steam dynamo to power the initial processing of ores, and you can re-use that steam dynamo in this build once you upgrade to it. (assuming you don't use an other mod for initial power; see below)

    For the very, very early game, I've found the windmill from IE to be the easiest set and forget system. It produces to little power to keep my TE setup going, but at this point in my progression I don't use my TE setup all the time, so i just connect the windmill to an Energy Cell and it will slowly fill while I go mine for more resources.
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  6. Daihok

    Daihok Guest

    Yea am gonna do mixture of few things i think for early game gen. I havent messed with IE or IP to much but this would give the opportunity to learn Both a little more. Will use combination of canola and Mekanism windmills ass well. Also watched video on Thermal using the tree sap and such.
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  7. Inaeo

    Inaeo New Member

    I'm not sure how I missed Mek on your mod list. Setting up a sustainable Ethylene production line was a lot of fun, and the power available from it is nothing to scoff at. It was simple enough to set up, and optimizing it after I had it set up was much less PITA as I thought it would be. After I had optimized the system, expanding the Gas Burning Generators bank was very straightforward, as well. Note that setting up Redstone control (turning them on around 25% capacity of storage, then off around 90%) on the generators can save you fuel. Otherwise they will sip away.

    If you haven't played with ImmEng, I do highly recommend it. The mod is great beyond just power generation, too. I've not delved into Immersive Petroleum, but everything I've heard is that it's well within the theme of ImmEng, so I do want to get into it at some point. Do note that the above Redstone control recommendation applies to the Diesel Generator as well, else you're likely to waste a lot of fuel.
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  8. Nuclear_Creeper0

    Nuclear_Creeper0 Well-Known Member

    Something like that isn't necessary with Mekanism. The generators dont burn solid fuel. They take the fuel in and burn it based on what you need. For example, a builder block powered by a Gas Burning Generator will use 25 Fuel a tick to fill the builder up and then will only use 1-0 fuel to keep the builder full
  9. ShneekeyTheLost

    ShneekeyTheLost Too Much Free Time

    I can get over 5k RF/t out of Aboreal Extractors -> Refinery and tree oil going into compression dynamos and the rosin going into regular steam dynamos. The kicker is that each one is set up with a steam boiler upgrade, and each one feeds two separate steam dynamos. So really, it's more like 12k RF/t or something silly like that, after all is said and done, since each compression dynamo feeding two steam dynamos, assuming everyone is Enderium upgraded, is 960 RF/t and I can have like 12 or so, plus the steam boilers themselves running on the rosin.

    By the way, you can do the same thing with a Mekanism steam turbine multiblock. Just feed all the steam coming from your compression and steam dynamos directly into the mekanism steam turbine multiblock. You can get like WAY more energy. Like... I'm wanting to say 30k RF/t or something? It gets silly.

    And all this fed from three or four trees surrounded by entirely passive aboreal extractors.
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  10. 8wGremlin

    8wGremlin Guest

    Do you have a screenshot of your set up, ShneekeyTheLost?
  11. Verigen

    Verigen New Member

    What do you guys even do with that much power...even a maxed out laser drill uses only ~20k in 1.7.10. I've never needed much more than that. The most I've ever used was 65000 per tic on a rf tools dimension full of yellorium spheres and that was just stored power since I never actually needed to spend much time there to need to keep it powered....I must be doing something wrong if you can actually USE that kind of power somewhere...somehow....

    Anyway...to actually answer the question I used minefactory reloaded biofuel early/midgame using their autofarms and a largeish complex to feed the bioreactors and then burned the fuel in fully upgraded thermal dynamics dynamos....but it doesn't even get close to the power you guys are talking about.
  12. Nuclear_Creeper0

    Nuclear_Creeper0 Well-Known Member

    But its 1.12 and Draconic is a thing, Draconic Fusion crafting takes several billion RF per operation.
  13. Verigen

    Verigen New Member

    Still, draconic also adds the ability to store that kind of power (I was using ender io vibrant capacitor banks to collect billions of power but the end result is about the same unless I'm missing something, expensive but HUGE energy storage capability in 1.7.10 at least) and that power isn't really repeatedly needed once items are made. There is a lot of downtime with such huge builds and long tech grinds so building up power storage into the billions has never really been an issue for me... I guess it boils down to playstyle though at that point.
  14. Nuclear_Creeper0

    Nuclear_Creeper0 Well-Known Member

    Draconic now has a tier 8 energy core with BASICALLY Infinite Capacity.
    I say basically because its not infinite but you'll never fill it.
  15. KingTriaxx

    KingTriaxx Forum Addict

    Foolish mortals! Cower before the might of Advanced Generators, consuming all your fuels and spewing scalable power up to 25k RF/t. And also having it's own built in option to make Syngas from Wood/Coal/Charcoal, and make power from that. Cower!

    This advertisement brought to you by the council for 'Seriously dude, use more Advanced Generators'
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  16. GamerwithnoGame

    GamerwithnoGame Forum Addict

    I DO like the look of that mod. Flexible multiblock customisable generators that can work with a range of mods for materials of turbines and such, and fuels too?

    I'm going to be delving into some Deep Resonance; I'd say that's distinctly mid-tier, but I'll let you know how I get on with that.
  17. malicious_bloke

    malicious_bloke Over-Achiever

    Someone needs to mod in another dynamo that you can push villagers into.

    I tried all the current TE dynamos and none of them work.

    I basically end up using steam dynamos (because they're utterly trivial to set up) fed by a tree farm until I can afford a passive Big/Extreme reactor (which is early-mid game through to late-mid game if one expands it occasionally). It's enough to tide me over until I can get something prettier set up.
  18. GamerwithnoGame

    GamerwithnoGame Forum Addict

    The closest you can get to that is if you can turn your friendly neighbourhood villagers into Emeralds - if you can do that, a Numismatic Dynamo with a Lapidary Calibration is your friend.
  19. malicious_bloke

    malicious_bloke Over-Achiever

    Brb, building *The Device*
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