Open Farming Station harvests but does not replant Cactus Fruit



Summary of the problem Farming Station harvests but does not replant Cactus Fruit

Pack Version 2.5.5

What is the bug? Similar to Rice/Seaweed/Cranberries/Waterchestnuts on water, Pam's "Cactus Fruit" requires that you plant the actual fruit on sand, not the seeds. Any attempt to plant the Cactus Fruit Seeds fails both manually and with the Farming Station(seeds quickly self-uproot & vanish on dirt, seeds refuse to plant at all on sand) .

And while you can manually plant the Cactus Fruit itself, this only works on sand. Once you have the fruit planted, it will be harvested by the Farming Stations for many day/night cycles. However, over time, like most of Pam Crops, the Cactus Fruit needs to be replanted as they are "used up". The Farming Station will collect quite a bit of planted Cactus Fruit drops, but the Farming Station never replants the Cactus Fruit on the manually planted sand spots.

I cannot tell if this is just a mod bug or something else is going on in SF2.5 with the Cactus Fruit / Cactus Fruit Seeds.

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Is it repeatable? Yes.

Known Fix Manually replant the Cactus Fruit on Sand as the crop is harvested and Cactus Fruits are eventually depleted over time.
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