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Discussion in 'Mod Development' started by Proxy_Player, Feb 2, 2016.


Factorio Mod?

  1. Yes, i played the Game so much and i want this soo badly!

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  2. sounds Interesting.

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  3. nah, not really.

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  1. Proxy_Player

    Proxy_Player New Member

    I'm not a Modder, if i could Program java, i would do this on my Own.
    but i can't. so i ask the Entire Modder Comunity to make a Mod that Adds basicly everything from the game Factrio.
    i know that making such a mod with all (or most) of it's features is hard, but just for the sake of Automated Construction Robots, Assemblers, Better Ore/liquid mechanics, Pollution and Cirtuit Networks.
    this Mod needs to be made, and i needs to be good.
  2. Aknot

    Aknot New Member

    The repair robots would be awesome as well.
  3. Type1Ninja

    Type1Ninja New Member

    Aside from the long-ish post I made a couple days ago about not asking people to make stuff if you can't yourself, I'm going to say this:

    Factorio was heavily inspired by modded MC itself, so a Factorio mod would be kind of backwards. Most of what exists in Factorio already exists in modded MC in one form or another already. Everything you've named exists somewhere; Buildcraft does most of them.
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  4. Pyure

    Pyure Not Totally Useless

    +1. I cant think of much in factorio that doesn't exist in MC.

    (Put another way: I can't think of much in existence that doesn't exist somewhere in MC)

    It really sounds like the lack here isn't a mod but a modpack: a pack that strips away a ton of content until you're left with 99% factorio-only mechanics.
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  5. epidemia78

    epidemia78 New Member

    Magneticraft has conveyors and robotic arms to go along with them.
  6. Proxy_Player

    Proxy_Player New Member

    i'm mostly looking to the Blueprint Construction robot Mechanic, the Ores and Pollution.
    as far as i know, no mod in MC has a Blueprint Mechanic that would work like that, and don't come me with BC, that takes to much time. just a Item that you use like the World Edit axe in order to Store it, and RF Powered Robots to build it.

    uh... i didn't knew this Mod. wow, that's a Step in the Right Direction. thx!

    but ok, i'll get it. i know that Factorio is inspiredby Minecraft, but i just feel like Playing that Master piece in 3D with Tesseracts or Friends on Servers. (damn LAN only Multiplayer)
    but then again, Modding Factorio is Easier than Modding Minecraft...
    still, thx for the Honest/critical Responses.
  7. Azzanine

    Azzanine New Member

    Playing factorio with tesseracts would be boring as church. Half of Factorios gameplay is logistics and the tesseract is designed to do away with all of that noise.
    However a 3D factorio would be interesting. One reason I didn't get Factorio is that I can do those things already with mods in Minecraft.

    Playing with base Immersive Engineering and mods that provide autocrafting has you pretty much there.
    All you'd need then is a pollution function and that's what's missing from MC.
    A factorio mod for minecraft would be pretty neat.

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  8. Type1Ninja

    Type1Ninja New Member

    Deep Resonance even has pollution. It isn't as big an issue as Factorio, but it's a step in the right direction.

    ... BC works fine. You can use configs and minetweaker if you think it's underpowered. Have you actually PLAYED with it extensively? :p
  9. RealKC

    RealKC Popular Member


    Also there are even Terraria and Ark: Survival Evolved mods.
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  10. Proxy_Player

    Proxy_Player New Member

    hmm, never used MineTweaker. but i could Experiment a bit with the Config of the mod.
    also, since i don't play Tekkit classic, the only things i use from BC is the Oil and the Pump (and the Assembler when the modpack needs it).
    i once Tried the Robots, but they are to slow... maybe with a but Customizing i can form the "Perfect" factorio Modpack...
  11. Type1Ninja

    Type1Ninja New Member

    Wait, which pack *are* you playing? That might help us understand where you're coming from. I imagine that upgraded/well powered robots would be significantly faster than whatever you used.

    It's a shame most people just use the pipes and oil stuff and the quarry from BC (myself included :()... I feel that it has a lot of potential which most people don't see. I imagine @asiekierka shares that sentiment with me. That said, the transport systems really ARE fantastic... They're simple, reliable, and (though this doesn't constitute "good" on its own) dirt cheap. Er, cobble cheap. ;) Plus you can get a ton more advanced stuff going on just with Buildcraft alone if you put the time into it, and it synergizes with EVERYTHING ELSE.

    So, on a slightly off-topic note, let's have a toast to Buildcraft: The first and (one of) the best. :D

    Onelastofftopicthingipromise: Someone should compile a timeline for the development of mods, from the first texture packs to the explosion of small, high-quality mods and RF-centric universe we've got now (which I enjoy, btw; I'm absolutely in love with the standardization, which only really occurred after 1.7.10)... I'd like to see exactly what was happening around the time I came in, what happened before, and compare that to what I see happening now. That'd be pretty neat. :)
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  12. Proxy_Player

    Proxy_Player New Member

    uhm, i play packs like Infinity, Space Astronomy, the 1.7.10 pack and a few HQM packs.
    also, you can Upgrade BC Robots?

    sure thing. BC can get Pretty advanced, with all the Pipes, Robots and Gates.
    but about the Credit thing, i'm not sure if it's true but for me BC was the FIRST mod that allowed you to Transport Items/fluids/Energy. could be that without BC... no other mod that can Transport things would be the same as we know them today. (TE, E-IO, ExUt, etc.)
    but then again, for most the things BC can do, i just have Alternate ways that are better.
    need to Transport Items for a short distance? Item Conduit (E-IO)
    need to Transport Fluids for a short distance? Fluid Conduit (E-IO)
    need to Transport Energy for a short distance? Universal Cable (Mek)
    to lazy to make Conduits/cables? Tesseract (TE)
    need to Transport Items for a long distance? Tesseract (TE)
    need to Transport Fluids for a long distance? Tesseract (TE)
    need to Transport Energy for a long distance? Tesseract (TE)
    need to mine Huge Areas? E-Quarry (ExUt)
    need to pump Lava? Ender-Thermic Pump (ExUt)
    need to pump Oil? ...Pump (BC)

    for the Mod that Started it all!
    even tho i don't use all of it, i can't Imagine a Pack without it.

    Minecraft Mod Timeline? sounds Awesome.
    something tells me it's gonna Start with mods like IC, BC, RP...
    aww, i still Remember the old RedPower. welp, mods that get discontinued just get Replaced, just like NEI got Replaced by JEI (Just Enough Items) for the 1.8 versions.
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  13. SatanicSanta

    SatanicSanta New Member

    That would be a pretty neat thing for the wiki...
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  14. Zaflis

    Zaflis New Member

    I keep coming back to this question, and glad that someone asked it first. I enjoy Factorio greatly and this kind of mod would be a godsent. Powercreep would be a good thing once again, and we would have use for all the quarried resources. Use of Tesseract would become less.

    Let me explain that Tesseract bit in more detail. The difference between Factorio and Minecraft is that Factorio is entirely chunkloaded. You can't do the same in Minecraft without making the game lag. There is a solution though, that is keeping just the modded entities loaded in the mod's own memory. Block in the world would just have a reference to that memory via some ID (a bit like a reference in SQL database). We wouldn't need to chunkload a long chain of underground pipes transferring oil from some distant place. Trains would need a big overhaul though or a completely separate system from vanilla ones, but could still act as mod-loaded entities.
  15. Proxy_Player

    Proxy_Player New Member

    Well, since i found Magneticraft Through this Thread, i Kinda got my Factorio. xD
    And Never was Automating a Reactor more Fun :D
    (Especially with Custom Textures that Clean up the Old, Dirty ones.)
    (In case the Gif is Broken, here is a Link: SHEEAAAAAK)

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