Extensive List of Music for Streaming/Content Creation


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Jul 29, 2019
Hey guys. I'm Rootbear75 and some of you may know me from my livestreams, maybe that episode of Wrenched with Direwolf20, or from just hanging around in various streamers Teamspeak channels.

Anyways, Today i bring to you all an extensive and comprehensive list of music that you as a streamer or content creator can use in the background of your videos. All of the artists on this list have given permission to utilize their work in your creations. It's a one stop shop for music. I've done the work of going around to various sites and artists and getting their permission so you don't have to.

Please take a look at this list, let me know what you think, and let me know if I missed something, or something else should be added.
My primary goal with this list is pushing it out there so it can be a resource for you guys. It does no good to anyone if it sits alone :)

Click: http://bitly.com/MusicForStreaming

Again, ANY AND ALL feedback, comments, or questions are ALWAYS welcome.
PLEASE share this list with anyone you think it would find it helpful!