Exponential power requirements with scale



People keep complaining in pretty much every tech mod they have no use for their power, so I suggest a very simple mod that makes it so the ammount of power consuming blocks placed in the world or present in inventories multiplies global power consumption by AN^B where A and B are constants for example A might be 1 and B might be 1.02 and N is a value that is increased a different ammount by every present machine, for example a laser drill would have a huge N value but an electric furnace would not

There is no physical or realism justification for this idea , merely that it encourages players to think more about what they are designing and to encourage large powerless solutions or low tech solutions where possible that are complex rather than magic block based, this also makes the end game far more difficult where players will eventually have to begin a back to basics approach to get anything incredibly massive built. It also means there are no win the game buttons, the fact exponential math is being used rather than simple multiplications means there are no positive feedback loops (Like laser drills getting yellorium for big reactors) to get around this limitation as an exponential curve will always catch up with the player.

My initial instinct would be that this mod should be an addon for thaumcraft, and an area of thaumcraft research would be devoted to building magical constructs that reduce the value of N while powered but in return they would be very expensive, have diminishing returns, and give off a lot of flux as well as the research itself increasing warp.

I have no knowledge of how to make minecraft mods, but my initial hunch is this would be easy to do, so I'm curious what others think of it.
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Shadow Codex

So you are saying to modify all blocks that use power to increase their power needs exponentially with how many machines are in the world?