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Discussion in 'FTB Infinity Evolved Expert HQM' started by nastja93, Dec 10, 2017.

  1. nastja93

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    hey there...

    i recently get crashs on server. never immediately while logging in, but sometimes after playing a while and just flying/walking around on my island..
    The problem couldn't be fixed til now, i already got a patch of ex nihilo file, but this didn't really help. (for someone else the file was already fixing everything, but for me it seems to be my client that is bugging around :/

    here's my last crash report, all other were same, except the coordinates of the "stone-barrel" shown in crash report. (btw til now i just removed these barrels which sometimes aren't even stone barrels but wooden barrels (still shown as stone barrel).

    are there any more ideas how to fix it? is it a java issue? or a fastcraft issue? i really have no plan what to do besides just removing all barrels ._.
  2. nastja93

    nastja93 Guest

    oops just saw its on the wrong place, please move it to infinity evolved skyblock expert mode ^^

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