Entrance to the nether

Discussion in 'Community Showcase' started by Psychicash, May 29, 2015.

  1. Psychicash

    Psychicash New Member

    So, I don't have a lot to show but this morning I decided to actually finish my portal room.

    Nothing fancy, no ae systems or automated stuff.

    I do however like it. :)


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  2. imPlayin

    imPlayin New Member

    looks nice
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  3. glepet1962

    glepet1962 Well-Known Member

    I like it! I prefer to see people's architectural designs without all the automated stuff cluttering the area. ;-)
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  4. Master_Builder_800

    Master_Builder_800 New Member

    if you built that in survival i'm gonna cry
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  5. CuriousKey

    CuriousKey New Member

    Nice work! :) I'm with glepet here, pure architecture can be really cool, sometimes too much tech in one place looks a mess. And your build looks really interesting. :)
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  6. Psychicash

    Psychicash New Member

    It is survival. I'm on a survival dw20 server with no op privileges. It did take some time.

    Edit I should mention to get the blood I had to automate the smelting of zombie flesh. I realize this probably isn't the best way however I had an abundance. I ended up with 16 buckets which was more than enough.
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  7. pizzawolf14

    pizzawolf14 New Member

    OK, so it's survival. Tell me it's aboveground please...
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  8. Psychicash

    Psychicash New Member

    Y level 7 at its lowest point
  9. KingTriaxx

    KingTriaxx Forum Addict

    Don't feel too bad, there is a lot of automation available to you to create builds like this. Don't get me wrong, this is the best design I've seen in a while, but large sections like the walls are simple with the filler. And while I'll be very impressed if it was done by hand, this is modded MC, so there's no reason not to take advantage of it.
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  10. Psychicash

    Psychicash New Member

    I'll be honest. I used a builder wand for the walls and most of the larger sections.

    The ceiling above the elevator is checkered and done completely by hand one at a time. All the carpenters blocks were placed one at a time. The floor was done by hand. Almost all structure in the center was done by hand with cobble and then traded out via the exchanger.

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