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  1. Grynder

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    Summary of the problem Energy core Stops accepting RF

    Pack Version 3.0.15

    What is the bug? Tier 6 Draconic Evolution Energy core will not accept more than
    2,147,462,658 Rf
    It continues to work as a pass through it just wont store more than that
    After some looking I found that it may have something to do with the api as it is limited to 2.14b

    Just broke the core down to a tier 5 and can confirm this is still the limit for the tier 5 as well

    And went up to a tier 7 core and this is still the limit

    Also linked tier 7 via flux plug and point to an ender IO cap bank that can hold 2,300,000,000 once the cap bank had more than the 2,147,462,658 Rf that the tier 7 is limited to it stopped transferring ANY not even working as a pass through
    When the cap bank is broke down to a limit of 2,100,000,000 it will again send to the tier 7 allowing it to act as a pass through

    Mod & Version

    Link to log file

    Is it repeatable? Yes

    Known Fix
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  2. BrainInBlack

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    Known issue with Flux Networks, just use another method to pump RF in your core.
  3. Grynder

    Grynder Guest

    Thank you so much...
    Do you have any suggestions on transferring mass amounts of power I,m generating 262,144 rf/t
    and using almost all of that and its across distance too
  4. BrainInBlack

    BrainInBlack New Member

    That is something you have to figure out on your own. But using DE's own energy transfer is recommended for the input to the core.
  5. Grynder

    Grynder Guest

    Ok well ty for the info
  6. Robijnvogel

    Robijnvogel Well-Known Member

    It's an Integer Max Value problem. The maximum value for an Integer in Java is 2.147.483.647.
    My guess is that the mod that is inputting the power, uses an int to check how much RF the storage contains and freaks out because of the "overflow".

    Maybe I should suggest they use a float instead of an int. :)

    Actually, the problem may reside in the CoFH API, which Flux-Networks seems to be using for to determine the contents of an energy cell:

    I'll contact them and ask them if they can do anything about it. :)
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  7. Pjc21

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    Just updated to 3.0.15 and also came upon this issue but thanks to this thread I found an easy solution. DE's energy transceiver's can be connected directly to flux points - see image below

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