Open EnderIO Fluid Conduits Not Staying Connected After Server Restart

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    Summary of the problem EnderIO Fluid Conduits Not Staying Connected After Server Restart

    Pack Version 1.6.1

    What is the bug? After server restart, enderio fluid conduits do not stay connected to turbine and reactor fluid ports from ExtremeReactors. The conduits and ports are in loaded chunks, which are loaded through FTB Utilities. This only happens on server restart, client restart and reconnect to the server is ok. I have checked the logs, nothing in them other than a ton of chisel notifications about not being able to determine if a block can be chiseled.

    I tried downloading the world and playing in single player, the conduits behave as expected.

    Mod & Version No modifications to hermitpack. Using the mods that come with 1.6.1.

    EnderIO 3.1.157

    Link to log file

    Is it repeatable? Happens everytime I restart the server, but not to all reactors and turbines on the server world.

    Known Fix I have not been able to figure out how to fix. I have to replace the fluid conduits that connect to the fluid ports to get the connectors to show and work again.
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    Definitely has something to do with FTB-Utilities chunk loading. I unloaded the chunks, and updated several mods, no change. The only fix I can come up with is not load the chunks, but the chunks need to be loaded. Here is what I am running and still have the problem:

    Hermitpack 1.6.1 with the following updates:
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