Bug Ender Utilities' Dolly & IC² Wind Turbine

Discussion in 'FTB Pyramid Reborn' started by MrLyht, Mar 29, 2018.

  1. MrLyht

    MrLyht Guest

    1. Tried to pickup an empty wind turbine with it. So far so good.
    2. Put it down, texture didn't load, WAILA-equivalent mod was not showing the correct name, I think it wasn't the same block anymore.
    3. Tried to break it with clay pickaxe.
    4. Crashed
    I think it's likely to happen with other IC²'s machines...

    Couldn't copy the crashlog :/
  2. DinnerBeef

    DinnerBeef Active Member

    use a wrench (ic2 one)
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