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Ender Pearl farm?

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by ecp10, Jul 13, 2015.

  1. ecp10

    ecp10 New Member

    I have been playing on my friends survival ftb infinity for a little bit now - got stuff like quarry, auto ore processesing and stuff like that. Worked my arse off getting an ender quarry (grew all the ender pearls from 2 ender Lilly seed things) and have a decent amount of resources. I've got loads of power (12krf/t) and a decent amount of ic2 power. Now, I want to get further into the game and ender stuff is quite predominant - like advanced ender io conduits and stuff, cooling the reactor with resonant ender and tesseracts, which I really want to set up my massive mystcraft ender quarry.
    So I am wondering if u guys know any good ways to get ender pearls - going to the end is not an option :p

    PS I've tried to make a mob farm, but it didnt work so now I've got about 100 open block fans spare :p

    Thanks for any help!
  2. rhn

    rhn Too Much Free Time

    Explore and find a: http://ftbwiki.org/Division_Sigil
    Do the ritual associated with it and then Silk Touch up all the Cursed Earth that it spawns.
    Put that in a room(I like to deploy it with TiCo Drawbridges so I can turn it on and off easily and safely), and them kill the mobs it spawns with something(I like MFR Grinders). Portion of those mobs will be Endermen and will give you a steady supply of Ender Pearls.

    If you do use the MFR Grinder to kill the mobs you get Mob essence as well as the drops. You can pump this into an Auto-spawner, supply it with a Safari Net with an Enderman captured and it will spawn even more Endermen for you(kill them with Grinders).

    You can see an example of how I like to set it up here:
    There is not a ton of details in that particular post, but that is because the build is a repeat of a previous build that I link to in the post. Bot you probably get the best idea of how it works by reading both ;)
  3. ecp10

    ecp10 New Member

    ok, thanks loads!
    few quick qustions if u dont mind:
    1.) do you need a specific light level for the mob spawner?
    2.) do you have any tips in finding dungeons?
    3.)SO I pretty much do what Gaming on Caffine did in his infinity series (not sure if u have seen it :D)?
  4. rhn

    rhn Too Much Free Time

    Just edited previous post.

    1.) I always make the room dark. Many mobs will only spawn in darkness, though I think maybe Cursed earth and maybe some spawners force spawn them regardless. I still make it dark to avoid reducing the spawn rate or something. Extra Utilities "Dark Glass" is great for this btw. Allows you to still look in, but does not let light through. You also want to close off the spawner completely anyway to avoid getting LoS or aggro on any of the mobs.

    2.) Minimaps and JourneyMap can make it easier to spot the Obsidian totem circles when out exploring. JourneyMap is particularly powerful once you get used to looking for the small black circles with the chest in the middle :p
    If you have a Minimap with "cavemode"(like Zan's) you can exploit Nightvision to light up all underground tunnels/dungeons/whatever on your minimap. Basically just dig yourself down somewhere, make sure you cannot see the sky and activate nightvision. Very easy to spot mineshafts this way due to their distinct shape.
    "Golden Eye" works like an Eye of ender, but will home in on Mineshafts instead of End portals. Worth it? Meh, dunno...

    3.) Never watch LPs(I assume that is what it is), I rather play and explore the game and mods myself :p.
  5. bubsson

    bubsson New Member

    Is there any chance i could join your friends server?
    I am tired of singleplayer and want some peopel to play with
  6. Ieldra

    Ieldra Popular Member

    One thing to consider is that the EnderIO farming station can handle Ender Pearl farms, and that you can make Endstone (there's a TiC recipe with obsidian and a little liquified Ender). Planting Ender Lilies on endstone give you a chance for a second seed when harvesting so eventually you'll have a big farm. Starting with two is a little low though, so I recommend going to the End and grabbing a few lilies. You don't need to deal with the dragon if you have a method for teleporting back. The mob farm method mentioned by rhn is efficient, but I don't like to depend on mob farms.
  7. Skvapter

    Skvapter New Member

    As lovely as mob farms can be they're a pain to build if you don't know what you're doing, so I'd also choose the farming route over the mob farming route. The only downside is getting the ender lily seeds, that requires either a lucky find in the over world or travelling to the end and defeating the dragon (assuming you have no other method of getting back.)
  8. casieg

    casieg New Member

    Early game I like to use a dolly to steal blaze spawners from the nether. I stick the spawner in a 9x9x4 room with a couple fans to blow them towards my MFR grinder (grinders have a 5x5 range). From there I pump the mob essence into an auto-spawner for endermen. You get blaze rods and ender pearls, plus you don't get all the normal mob farm junk that clogs up everything up without a sorting system.

    Only downside is that you need to stay within certain ranges for the spawner to work. Later on I generally upgrade to a cursed earth farm to provide ridiculous amounts of mob essence.
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  9. ChemE

    ChemE New Member

    Steve's Factory Manager does an amazing job of automating the ender-lily seeds from Extra Utilities. Here is a video I made showing how I set the whole thing up. Except for the acceleration via a reinforced watering can, this is pretty early game stuff.


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