Open Ender IO Inventory Panel showing Double item count



Summary of the problem Ender IO Inventory Panel showing Double item count

Pack Version 1.1.0

What is the bug? When using the ender IO Inventory panel connected to an "Inventory system storage Extended Warehouse" via conduits with Awareness upgrades, item counts are showing as doubled. For example, 3 redstone torches show in the system as 6, and when clicked 3 come out, after a moment the phantom 3 torches cease to exist. When placing items back into the system, they show as the correct number for only a moment, and then double. In addition and possibly related, upon REMOVING the awareness upgrade in the conduit, the inventory panel Continues to be able to access and remove inventory from the storage block, and doubling error persists. This issue has not been fixed or affected by removing and replacing all parts of the system, in turn and all together.

Mod & Version Ender IO V. 1.10.2 3.1.156
Ender CORE 1.10.2

Link to log file

Is it repeatable? Not in a single player world, it is consistent in the server on which I play

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Jul 29, 2019
I had the same issue on Sky Factory 3 only on the server I was playing on, I went with the assumption that it was a Sponge issue cause it caused a lot of issues on the server i played on that didn't occur in singleplayer