Open Ender IO - Capacitors - Transfer Limit


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Jul 29, 2019
Summary of the problem Ender IO - Capacitors - Transfer Limit

Pack Version 1.0.1

What is the bug? Ender IO capacitors seem to randomly (have yet to figure out what causes it) set their default input and output values to 0 RF/t.

Edit: Capacitors do not respect manually set transfer limit properly.
When hooking up a new (empty) t2 capacitor via a t2 cable ( 5120k RF/t) the expected behaviour would be for it to fill at a rate of 5k RF/t (since that is the limit of a t2 capacitor and the cable supports it).
In reality it fluctuates in between 90 and 120RF/t.

Mod & Version default

Link to log file -

Is it repeatable? yes

Known Fix none so far
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