Open Elytra + Motion spell = game locks up

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    Summary of the problem Elytra + Motion spell = game locks up

    Pack Version 3.0.0

    What is the bug? NOTE: "Error in class LybraryLWGLOpenAL" is spammed. I can attempt to find a log file if necessary, but at the moment, it just locks up the game. So no crash log to go with this; is pretty easy to replicate however.

    If you use a motion spell while using elytra (I don't know yet if this is directly linked, but it's all I've done while using it.) you'll get stuck with Elytra active only able to move up and down after about a minute or so. Relogging puts you in an invalid chunk that you must TP out of, even going into the void won't hurt you. Flying after relog freezelocks the game. (Steps in the Repeatable section for easier understanding.)

    Mod & Version SF3 3.0.4 - [ EnderIO / MC's elytra / Psi ? ]

    Link to log file n/a - No crash log.

    Is it repeatable? Yes.
    1. Get Elytra
    2. Get Psimetal Leggings
    3. Apply spell to leggings ( )
    4. Have CAD in inventory.
    5. Fly, hold shift occasionally. Preferrably 3rd person. Eventually you'll stop moving aside from up and down
    6. Close world & reload same one
    7. Your arms and legs are missing. If you start flying, you crash not only the client, but the server goes down too.

    Known Fix N/A - Don't use Elytra? I dunno. Using glider for my armor instead of elytra until it's fixed, or just using angel ring... Elytra's so fun though!
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    Can't edit my post. So have to doublepost for this update.

    It's caused SPECIFICALLY by looking 90 degrees upwards it appears. Workaround: Die in the void if you enter this status. DO. NOT. RESTART ELYTRA in that situation--if you do without dying, you WILL crash the game. So if you're on a server, TP to your island, and then go straight down into the void. I know, it's weird, but this way you won't crash anyone. (If possible, deposit items. If not, atleast die where you can get them back easily. Remember, gravestones are your friend here!)

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