Greylist Server Eirinncraft Unleashed 18+

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Jul 29, 2019
Eirinncraft is an Unleashed server. A no grief/no pvp server. Eirinncraft Unleashed is the newest addition to the Eirinncraft Community. Staff has 2 years experience. Understanding that every community member is important. We offer an active forum and community to add to your in-game experience.

Eirinncraft is geared twords offering you a safe enviroment to play and create. With anti-grief plugins to protect all of your builds. Eirinncraft is a one of a kind, unique community with mature members and staff.

Please visit to register and apply. You can visit us in game at Or, visit us in our Teamspeak home at:

  1. No griefing/stealing/raiding/pvp
  2. Don't be a jerk
  3. Respect other players
  4. No glitching/duping
  5. No client side hacks or mods
  6. Use common sense
  1. Guest - How you spawn in
  2. Tourist - Assigned after application is approved
  3. Builder - Automatically assigned after three (3) hours of in game play
  4. Trusted - Member of the community trusted by staff
Some mods are disabled by default. And we have left them that way. We have also disabled biomes-a-plenty.