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Efficient blaze experience farm?

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by Breigal, Jan 21, 2013.

  1. Breigal

    Breigal New Member

    So I've acquired a tier 5 blaze spawner and was wondering how I should go about making a blaze experience farm? This means I don't want them to die, but rather accumulate at one spot where I'm safe from damage and they are down to 0.5 hearts, at which point they can be killed.
  2. Dragonfel

    Dragonfel Active Member

    You could make a piston funnel. basically you begin with an area the size of their spawn range and then place a 1 wide ledge around the sides for them to land, this ledge has pressure plates linked to pistons 1 block higher which pushes them into the middle. The next layer is the same but smaller, and so on until you push them into a 2 by 1 hole. Then you knock out the bottom wall of the hole and you can whack at them. Youtube search blaze farms, you should find what I'm talking about.
  3. Poppycocks

    Poppycocks Popular Member

    That is not a bad plan, using turtles is a better one however. All you need to add is a few braininnajarrrrs.

    I'm personally using 4, one in each corner, with water in the middle. The kill rate is quite high for a blaze farm.

    Anyway, in case you really wanna do it your way, Dragonfel has got it right, although you could use a timer and some wire instead of plates and whatnot. You'll save some space that way.

    After that you just sepparate the blazes with grates, suffocate them with pistons, and drop 'em down.

    I can show you a working prototype if you give me a few minutes.
  4. Daemonblue

    Daemonblue Active Member

    Last time I built a piston funnel it took around 6 hours, but I didn't have all the mats for it beforehand. For the suffocators you need them set as 23 normal repeaters set at 4, or 92 ticks total. This can be done using RP repeaters set for 64, 16, and 8, with a normal repeater set to 4. You also need an RS latch that will reset the system after the time has ended. Once they're suffocated you only need to hit them 1-2 times barehanded, and using this design I could easily get about 120 blazes in 10 minutes.
  5. Breigal

    Breigal New Member

    How would you get experience if you use turtles though? and yeah a prototype would be great.
  6. siebharrin

    siebharrin New Member

    Mobs still drop XP when killed by turtles
  7. Symmetryc

    Symmetryc Well-Known Member

    Or just use a single State Cell that'll lengthen the pulse of your button to 9.2 seconds... :p
  8. Rakankrad

    Rakankrad Well-Known Member

    You could do something like this: Get a Brain-in-a-jar and you're set.
  9. Poppycocks

    Poppycocks Popular Member

    Anyway, done with the piston contraption, and let me tell you, it's one of the ugliest contraptions I have ever built. Confusing as hell as well :D. It's surprisingly fast, the downside is that you waste a ton of food killing the beasties.

    Here goes
    This is the basin
    This is how the pistons are set up
    This is how they're wired up, the bottom tier is controlled by wireless redstone, the opposite sides are paired up, the higher tiers use an inverted signal from the lower ones.
    This flipper controls the bottom tiers.
    This is the weakening system, it's two trapdoors and a piston suffocator
    This is the circuit which controlls the trapdoors and pison. The sequencer is set to 6 seconds, the piston timer is 3, the trapdoor repeaters are both on in the fourth position.
    The leftmost wire controls the bottom trapdoor, the second controls the upper one, the right wire controls the suffocation piston

    And it works like this: blazes are collected above the upper trapdoor, they're dropped down, suffocated, then dropped down do the kill area. You get so many blazes every second, that you might not kill them all before the next batch arives.

    Compare that with my turtle powered blaze reactor:
    four turtles, four brains, four relays, one water block and a few tubes.

    It's fast, it's efficient, and I can simply get the exp from brains whenever I need it. I reckon that there's several thousand levels worth of xp in 'em. If they can store that much - I really wonder how much xp they can actually store...
  10. Milaha

    Milaha Active Member

    I made mine using turtles and water. It is a 3x11x11 room, with room for up to 4 spawners of any type, I have 2x blaze spawners atm. When activated water deploys into the four corners which pushes all mobs to the center 'island' where the stuff lies. There are 4 brains in jars in the corners of the island, and 4 spawners between them (currently only 2 shards to put in the spawners tho). Sitting on top of these are the turtles. Transposers sit in the floor in front of each spawner, and the water pushes everything into them so they do not need a redstone signal. The center of the island has an advanced cube forcefield generator that activates with the spawners (cause force fields are cooler than doors). If I ever just want tons of blaze rods you can also put a NPC killing upgrade in it, and while it drains your MFFS power super fast it also kills blazes at an obscene rate (tho you often do not get xp). On xp mode each of the 4 brains will fill up to 30 levels in about 2-3 minutes, longer runs obviously storing far more. Since the water is mostly used to push rather than damage the remaining two spawners could easily be replaced with something else.

    It is relatively complicated to run though since the brains are directly under the turtles and there is no safe approach angle, I have a computer that controls everything and turns the turtles off when not in use. Obviously the 8 melee attack turtles also cost a bunch of diamonds, but I had plenty to spare.
  11. Graeme97

    Graeme97 Active Member

    I made mine using Embarking tracks from RailCraft, and mob detectors from Railcraft too. No water is needed, no pistons, but you do need 2 melee turtles, but they can be made using RP gems so :)

    I have embarking tracks tp the Blazes into carts infront of Mob detectors, which send a redstone pulse to a turtle on top of it, and the turtles have code where if they have a redstone pulse, they swing their sword, and kill the blazes. when turtles kill mobs, they drop EXP, so have a few brain jars, to get the exp, just turn the spawner off, and right click the jars, and BLAMO! exp.
  12. Daemonblue

    Daemonblue Active Member

    Not to sound rude, but that seems highly over-engineered for what it needs to do. The one I use is based off of this design:

    The major difference is I add an extra step down so the blazes get pushed into a 2x1 instead of a 2x2 to make drop collection easier, and it doesn't take more pistons, actually iirc it should take less.

    Edit: Also, what's a State Cell? Is it from wireless redtsone?

    Edit: Rephrased the first sentence. I could see the point in an auto-suffocation system though. Another thing to note, it's probably better to use non-opaque blocks like glass or half-slabs to push the blazes downward so they don't take any damage before getting into the suffocation chamber, that way they all will have the same life after being suffocated.
  13. Saice

    Saice Tech Support

    I was going to point out Etho has a really good setup purely vannila but someone got to that frist.
  14. Daemonblue

    Daemonblue Active Member

    Yea, someone else mentioned it before somewhere about him having good tutorials so I picked it up. The only problem I had with his blaze trap was the pickup area being a 2x2, which caused some pick-up radius issues with the back of it closed. I also didn't add some of the stuff like his on-off lava switch either.

    Edit: Also, my setup ended up being based off of that and another video, so some of the stuff was a bit different, like instead of having an on and off button I had a lever solely for the pistons that prevented more blazes from falling and a button just for smothering, rather than a button to block off the top, push the blazes forward, and then smother them and another button to reset the system.
  15. war_kittens

    war_kittens Member

    Could you post a screenshot or an explanation of how this is set up? I'm having a hell of a time trying to figure out how to set a blaze farm with turtles up. Could be general lack of sleep, could be general lack of brains. Whichever, I'd really love to see more of it. My last attempt had blazes spawn *outside* of the structure I built for them and nearly burned down the forest near me. :D
  16. Larroke

    Larroke Active Member

    In vanilla I had a blaze farm set up with an offset funnel (each layer is a 2 block drop with signs at top) which has at the bottom level a piston pusher to get them into the final 1x2 and then a piston lid to trap them in a kill box. Their ability to "float" makes a single drop funnel ineffective, but that wasn't with T5 spawners. In my current server a T5 blaze farm is one of my upcoming goals, with a kill or XP switch.

    If entity/MystCraft Portals wasn't so broken in the current builds (OH GOD PLEASE FIX), you could just do a large portal at the floor below the spawner, and they'll all just "drop" auto-magically into the 1x1x3-4 kill box and a switch can turn on/off a waterfall at the top to kill em :)
  17. Symmetryc

    Symmetryc Well-Known Member

    It's from Redpower. It's sort of like a Tier 2 Repeater where you can set how long the delay is and one out put face lengthens the pulse. It's hard to describe, test it out to learn more.
  18. Daemonblue

    Daemonblue Active Member

    Did you set up the box right? In the video I linked to above it shows how big the spawning area is and how to find it easily.

    As for the setup, it looks like he has them spawning and then being pushed by the water into the four corners. At each corner he has a turtle set at head level for the blazes that feed drops into RP2 relays. Built into the lower part of the wall he has the brains in a jar so they will collect dropped exp and can whack the jar when he needs some. It's pretty much exactly how the picture posted looks like it is - no pistons or anything just water pushing mobs into kill zones.

    Edit: Cool, maybe once ultimate comes out and I start working on another trap I'll look into those. Been playin a bit of WKC2 and Anno 2070 while waiting for it and Ni no Kuni.
  19. MilConDoin

    MilConDoin The Bee-Whisperer

    State Cell:
    I = Input. As soon as we have a high signal here, output is also set to high. When it goes low again and H is low, the pointer starts to turn. When it goes low again and H is high, the pointer is held in position. Output stays high the whole time, until the pointer turn a full 90° to face to C. Then C will pulse once and O will become low. (I think getting another high on I while the pointer is turning resets the pointer).
    O = Output. Is set high as soon as I becomes high and will stay this way, until the pointer hits C. Then it becomes low again.
    C = Continuation. As soon as the pointer has turned here, a short pulse will be generated.
    H = Hold. While H is high, the pointer will stay in its original position (and thus keep O from doing a high->low transition).

    The turning speed of the pointer can be changed via right-click. Minimum value is 0.2 seconds.
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  20. qap

    qap Member

    With Redpower frames, you can scoop the blazes to whatever killing/weakening mechanism you wish, it is quite a bit faster usually.
    In my design, I use Computercraft melee turtles to spare myself from clicking 85 times;)

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