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EE3 simple question

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by ParanoidUniverse, Jun 14, 2016.

  1. Hi, I'm playing the inventions modpack.

    Made my base, setting up basic power and machines and decided, why not try equivalent exchange 3
    Apparently, I did something wrong. I drew 2 transmutation circles on the walls for decoration, but then i couldnt use it anymore to draw circles.

    It isnt the chalk, I made a new one, but same result. I probably pressed a key, but no idea how to "turn the chalk back on"

    Could someone help me with this problem?
  2. Scottly318

    Scottly318 New Member

    Recombine it with other used chalk. From what I've noticed you only get a small number of uses per piece of chalk
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  3. Inaeo

    Inaeo New Member

    Double check the size of circle it wants to draw. We had a similar problem, and it ended up wanting to draw the max sized circle for no reason, which is why other chalk wouldn't solve it (it also wanted max sized circles). I believe v/shift+v change the size.
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  4. Shift V did the trick
    Thank you ^^

    Im curious what the mod will do to my world without exploiting it :)
  5. Inaeo

    Inaeo New Member

    If you aren't actively looking to exploit it, EE3 isn't the horribly unbalanced mess I thought it was going to be. It works quite well for saving time and space on low level resources, and it helps to fill in the gaps if you find yourself low on a particular item while swimming in others (Redstone to Gold Ingot is a nice swap sometimes).

    I find a tree farm (or pumpkin farm, as it's worth a bit more Exchange Value) can supply me with adequate supplies to advance my tech level, so long as you research anything you find an Exchange Value on. Note that on some items of oreDict equivalence, one will have a value while another doesn't. Make sure to find a way to get the right kind and research it, so access will be that much easier. Things like gears (iron, copper, tin, and gold) have values, which makes life easier, but I love having hoppers and pistons available on demand.

    I do wish the entire pack (or damn near) had Exchange Values, or that higher tier items would calculate the appropriate value as you crafted your first one. For example, I have Iron Ingot, Glass, and Tin Gear researched, but a TE Basic Machine Frame (made with these components) has no EV. This is more frustrating when I see some other items (Redstone Conductance Coil for example) from the same mod with values.

    All in all, I like being able to store my low value stuff as a barrel of diamond blocks, breaking one back down to exchange as I need supplies. There are a few feedback loops out there, but they're being plugged as the pack continues to update. If you aren't looking to break things, it seems stable and balanced enough. Not having a way (that I know of) to automate it is probably the only thing keeping it balanced, but it's still a great tool to have.
  6. Scottly318

    Scottly318 New Member

    The issue with things like the machine frame is ore dict. When it looks to see what ev there is it notices all the machine frames. Not just the one you researched. I recall direwolf20 having a similar issue when it came to the diamond ae processor.
  7. Well, for starters, since I'm not in the end yet, I use it to make enderpearls. I could go to the end, already found the fortess, but I'm too lazy.

    I use the cobble of my mining adventures.Most of the cobblestone you mine is voided mostly, because you will never use that much cobble, unless you want to make bedrockium, which inventions doesn't have.
    So, in a way, I earned the EV of the items I make.

    I intend to make a blaze farm in the future though for EV.
  8. Inaeo

    Inaeo New Member

    I'll have to check NEI when I sit down next, but I think cross mod interaction can create a positive feedback loop using Blaze Rods. If it didn't require delving into IC2 (not even very far, really), I would have set it up by now to test, but I'm not much of a fan of the mod (personal opinion).
  9. Agree. Imo, the mod is to sluggish and unwieldy. My favourite tech mods are ender io and immersive engineering. A combination of futuristic and rusty xD I use a sugarcane + hemp seed farm to power my diesel generator, which will produce energy stored in vibrant capacitor banks, that give a feedback with redstone when to turn the generator on and off. Need tons of gold and enderpearls for ender io. My best option, since a quarry is going into ic2( inventions pack) is to use EE3.
  10. Inaeo

    Inaeo New Member

    So, upon further review, Blaze Rods are not an effective EE3 loop without digging into a Blaze farm. I'm looking into Soul Shards (Inventions modpack, with a bit extra added) as a spawning system, as I've not played with it at all yet.

    So far, a small automated pumpkin farm has done a decent job of supplying legitimate echanges, while a few loopholes have added some emergency funding during larger projects. Lapis Ore has actually become a valuable commodity, since it pulverizes into a good sum of EV, and I never have enough uses for Lapis in most packs anyway.

    I find it amusing that I've been more apt to choose a building material with an Exchange Value than one without. It just saves so much hassle in material processing, although it has bypassed the need to factorize, which was one of the intended purposes of the pack. Once I have my building, I've no doubt I can fill it to the brim with tech, so I'm not worried.
  11. Well, since I use the drill from Immersive Engineering, I also need exp to repair the drillhead. So I dolly'd a blaze spawner, hooked it above some conveyor belts, and hit kill them manually( since spikes arent in this modpack, and I don't have enough knowledge from Computercraft to let a turtle kill them)

    This way, I get exp for repairing, and as byproduct, blaze rods. Totally forgot about the soulshards though. Thanks for reminding.

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