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DW20 oil power

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by Psychicash, Nov 30, 2016.

  1. Psychicash

    Psychicash New Member

    So I was looking through the power options while watching bacon doughnut. He made a comment about the oil generator from actually additions. I was looking into the automation of the upgraded seeds and upgraded oil.

    I'm curious any ideas on automating it? the whole dropping things into the real world... especially while wearing a magnet is troublesome.

    Any any information on the amount of RF produced? I mean :

    Canola oil: ??? RF
    oil: ??? RF
    Crystallized oil: ??? RF
    Empowered Oil: ??? RF

    WTFFFS New Member

    It's in the book.
    But basic canola is 20 or 30 I think, fermented canola is 100, crystallised I have no idea, the top level is 350.
    As for automation there are a lot of tools to do that, Refined Storage, Rftools, AE2, hell you could probably come up with a system using just vanilla redstone and the blocks in AA itself, have a play and see. :)
    Botania magnet can be shutdown in an area by a flower and I'm fairly certain that is the only magnet in the pack unless you add mods.
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  3. Psychicash

    Psychicash New Member

    actually additions adds a magnet, it's very powerful and very nice. I have to put it in a chest or Backpack to disable it though. Botania might be an option. I didn't see the rf levels in the manual, might have just overlooked it.

    The automation for the higher level oil requires you dropping seeds down, using the atomic reconstructor then collecting them and dropping them in a physical vat of oil. Then you collect that oil. Then you take a crystallized seed (one ran through the reconstructor) and empower it (tech version similar to thaumcraft alter infusion). Take the empowered seed and physically drop into the crystallized oil to get empowered oil.

    I'm unfamiliar with ae2, refined storage or rftools options to automate this.

    WTFFFS New Member

    Yeah I had a look later, AA and EnderIO both add a magnet neither of which can be easily disabled.

    Not RFtools sorry though it may be useful for the redstone control options it has, RFcontrol is the one I meant. All of the above mentioned mods have the ability to drop items in a very specific location, refined storage I believe can even handle placing the liquid blocks, there are a few youtubers around with vids on how to automate the empowerer via various methods (EIO conduits, RFcontrol are two I've seen) so a bit of research and then likely several hours of "Y U NO WORK" "WORK FFS" and you could have it fully automated :D
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  5. Starfang42

    Starfang42 New Member

    EnderIO's magnet can be right-clicked to turn off. It seems to draw power as a function of time instead of items, but also seems fairly less power hungry overall. Botania adds a "free" magnet you can make as soon as you have...8 pieces of manasteel and a piece of gold, I think. At least, last I checked, it didn't need mana to power it.

    As for AA oil, I don't know what canola oil does, but Oil is 100 rf/t, crystalized is 200 rf/t, and empowered is 350 rf/t.

    As for automating, I've tested out a semi-automatic oil=>crystalized oil system using Super Circuit Maker. I had a board that was a 3-state system that would move to the next state every time it received a pulse on its input, and would output a pulse on an output side corresponding to the new state. State 1/left was connected to an AA liquid placer set to pulse, state 2/middle linked to an AA precision dropper (also set to pulse), and state 3/right linked to a liquid taker (also set to pulse). The input was a block update detector, which was either from SCM or AA. Basically, as long as it didn't run out of oil or seeds, it would continue on its merry way converting
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  6. Psychicash

    Psychicash New Member

    I ended up switching to the botania one and putting down a flower. I'm going to have to play with the automation... I'm hoping that they update extra utilities... that would simplify things greatly. I love complex automation in spirit but my computer doesn't like it at all.
  7. GamerwithnoGame

    GamerwithnoGame Forum Addict

    This is really good to know, cheers! I assumed that the different oils produced the same RF/t but lasted longer with the better oils!

    If you have any luck with automating the Empowering process, that could be really interesting too - I'd love to hear it if so, as I think empowered oil fuelled generators would make a really viable power source.
  8. Inaeo

    Inaeo New Member

    I haven't been deeper than the Fermenter feeding my Oil Generators yet, but looking through JEI, I've noticed the precision dropper and ranged collector, which I assume are intended to help automate at least the atomic reconstructor portion of our assembly line.

    As for magnets interfering with in world crafting, this should only be an issue during the engineering and testing phase. Once you have a principle that works, you can make it happen behind a wall of glass where your magnet won't be able to get at it. Hopperhocks on the other hand...
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  9. Psychicash

    Psychicash New Member

    I've gone as far as playing with the machines in creative but haven't tried to figure out the redstone circuitry. The mod adds a block that places fluid, and another that drops things, then another that picks up fluids. They stop on a redstone signal (not sure if that can be toggled). Then there's a remote pick up (like a vacuum chest) but it has a filter built in. The empowerer can be easily automated with enderio conduit and a single filter.

    The question then becomes how big of a farm do you need to make the whole process sustainable?
    How much energy does the empowerer use per seed it empowers?
    Does the total energy count as a net gain even with that loss?
    Also can you drop the seeds in the oil if the oil has more than one bucket?

    These are questions that give me a headache to be honest.
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  10. GamerwithnoGame

    GamerwithnoGame Forum Addict

    Indeed it can! I believe its right-click with a redstone torch in hand to change the mode to pulse.

    Ah, but these are the important questions! :D Good ones too. So am I understanding this right: you don't have to click the item onto the Empowerer, you just need to drop it onto it, a bit like Botania's Runic Altar? Or can you pump an item into it and it will appear on the empowerer?
  11. Psychicash

    Psychicash New Member

    the empowerer can have items pumped into it. However, you still have to drop the seeds in the oil then collect the oil. It's kind of like the AE2 seed mechanic except it changes the fluid you drop it in.
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  12. GamerwithnoGame

    GamerwithnoGame Forum Addict

    Right, got you :) so... in theory, if you can get something to put oil buckets into something like a dispenser, then trigger on one pulse, drop a seed from a dropper on the next pulse, then with a third pulse trigger a dispenser with an empty bucket and have something filtered to pull that oil out... you'd get buckets of the upgraded oil, right? Hmm. Then the first dispenser could have full oil buckets pumped in and empty ones extracted; the second could have empty ones pumped in and full upgraded oil buckets extracted. I'm probably overcomplicating it a bit, but I think its doable?

    Is there anything that can be set up so on a redstone pulse it will extract just one item from, or put just one item in, to an inventory?
  13. Psychicash

    Psychicash New Member

    Like I said the mod itself provides an item dropper, a liquid placer and a liquid collector. I haven't tested, though I will how many buckets of liquid that can be changed at a given time.
  14. GamerwithnoGame

    GamerwithnoGame Forum Addict

    Yep, you did. Chalk that up to a derp on my part! And I imagine said collectors would be much easier to setup and filter appropriately. Do let us know how many can be changed at once - my suspicion would be one at a time.

    You might be more enlightened on this one than me - the Automatic Precision Dropper seems to be a very specific machine (it "automatically drops items into the exact center of the air block in front of it"); the fact that the mod author has created a block with such a precise action/function suggests that it might be needed somewhere else in the mod - just like many of Vaskii's seemingly random Botania blocks are actually things that you need to automate his stuff. Do you have any ideas on that one?
  15. Death_Rictus

    Death_Rictus New Member

    For crystallized/empowered oil I use liquid placers (automatic), liquid collectors (on pulse), the precision dropper (on pulse), and extra utilities scanners to emit a redstone signal...

    The placers automatically put the liquid in the world, one scanner detects this and activates the dropper, another scanner senses the change and activates the collector.
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  16. GamerwithnoGame

    GamerwithnoGame Forum Addict

    So I tested it out over the weekend, and it looks like it really is just one liquid block per seed that gets changed - its quite interesting to see the change when you drop it in actually.
  17. KingTriaxx

    KingTriaxx Forum Addict

    Etho automated it in the Hermit pack. Episode 5/6 I think.
  18. StrommKral

    StrommKral Guest

    I use 2 gardens, worms & agricarnations on both. 2 pressers, 4 fermenting barrels. lasers take the oil and seeds to my building. 2 seeds are crystallized at once. one goes to be empowered, one goes to dropper to change oil.
    I use the scanner to detect the change to empowered oil, two droppers to drop each seed a few seconds apart, and cycle every 60 seconds. (super circuit maker is your friend with ender pulsars). Items must be placed on the display stands, you cannot drop them. 4 oil generators, 4 HV capacitors,(cheap 4 million storage early game). now this didn't happen all at once i had to work my way up the oil, power ladder.
    other can probably improve on this set-up, but it's a start for me. hope this link is allowed, i'm new to this
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  19. GamerwithnoGame

    GamerwithnoGame Forum Addict

    Thank you for this! That's really interesting and super useful - I'm formulating plans for how I might replicate this with a slightly different set of mods now! And I believe that imgur link is fine :)
  20. Unata

    Unata New Member

    Would love to see a step by step on your setup, took me a whole real day just to get to the first seed morphing working :( and I had to have 3 fields to keep a steady-ish 780 rf/t

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