Open DW20 1.12.1 Ticking tile entity crash



Summary of the problem DW20 1.12.1 Ticking tile entity crash

Pack Version 1.10.0

What is the bug? It's actually version 1.12.1 of the pack but that isn't an option in the drop down. Trying to test something on my server with creative item buffers, once I had a creative item buffer in my inventory for a minute or so mt game crashed.
I know can't rejoin without it crashing almost instantly.
Always the same error.

Mod & Version Think it's an interaction between DE capacitor and enderIO item buffer.

Link to log file

Is it repeatable? yes, having deleted my player.dat file the first time it happened to try and fix it. I then remade all y items and spawned in another buffer and it happene again. - log for when I recreated the bug.

Known Fix The only fix I have is deleting the player.dat file to remove both the items... though this isn't very practical.