Request Dragons Breath in FTB Continuum

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Jan 24, 2017

I am playing Continuum for quite some time now and going into the crafting of creative machines. Sadly It needs a few thousand dragons breath and there is (to the knowledge of my and my com) no option to automate this process.

We love Continuum so far, but this takes a lot of the fun out because so far it was all about automating etc. but it turns into a slow grind now.

I will now for our server simply put an EMC value on Dragons Breath (Thinking of the value of a Stack of Nether stars) but I would love to see an option to automate the dragon farm or craft dragons breath and scales/elytras)

Not sure where to put those modpack suggestions, thats why I posted it here. But I would also love to hear if anybody has found an automation that I did not see yet.



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Jan 29, 2015
Now, in a separate pack I’ve seen a think that allows you to craft a black elytra from the normal one and something else; as the black one is compatible in recipes I believe that worked as a way of duplicating, but I don’t know if that option is available for you. As for dragon breath, there may be a way of bottling it rapidly and automatically with a dispenser? Otherwise I think EMC might be the way to go to be honest.