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  1. llloyd

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    Summary of the problem Draconic Evolution / Ender IO conflict crash

    Pack Version 1.10.0

    What is the bug? Draconic Evolution Capacity seems to be trying to charge up an Ender IO Creative Capacitor Bank and CTDing the game.

    Mod & Version Mod Pack 1.21.1 (Form above only goes as high as 1.10.0)
    Ender IO 1.20.2-3.1.183
    Draconic Evolution 1.10.2

    Link to log file

    Is it repeatable? Every time I try to log into my world, yes, did it in a test world and it repeated.

    Known Fix None, need help fixing it.
  2. llloyd

    llloyd New Member

    I feel I need to explain myself a little. Without tesseracts from Thermal Dynamics it's been rough. The RFTools version is very weak, Direwolf20 discovered this when he tried to use one to feed a Draconic Reactor and it failed miserably. So I have no way to feed the RFTools Builder in quarry mode if I mine anywhere but in the over world, and I mine in the Under Dark. It's the same scenario as Direwolf20 had, the buffer drains out even though the RFTools tesseract is being fed directly from a reactor or the energy sphere, it has almost no throughput. It's like running broadband though a 56k modem. >.< So I use a creative energy cell from EnderIO to work around this problem. As I cheated one in the game CTDed, every time I load up my world it instantly CTDs, and I have no way to get back into my world to delete the cell so I can run back home to drop off the Draconic Capacitor so I can handle the cell without CTDing the game. >.< At least not with out completely train wrecking my world by disabling Ender IO or Draconic Evolution.
  3. GamerwithnoGame

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    This may not be relevant for a proper bug report, so I apologise; reading through your problem, I did think of a potential workaround; not a solution, unfortunately, but it might be useful? Obviously it doesn't help with the bug.

    The Actually Additions Enervator and Energizer are capable (last time I checked) of very rapid transfer of RF into and out of the AA batteries (which can store a fair bit of RF for the quadruple and quintuple versions) - meaning that if you had an enervator at your quarry end, and enegizer at your power gen end, and ender chests to transfer a battery to and fro, you should be able to keep up with the power requirements of your quarry.

    I know this isn't ideal, but it might provide an alternate solution in the short term?
  4. llloyd

    llloyd New Member

    If I could log in again, sure, but that doesn't help the fact that when I try to log in the game CTDs.
  5. GamerwithnoGame

    GamerwithnoGame Forum Addict

    Damn, I hadn't spotted that - serves me right!

    BUT! I do have a solution for that! I had a very similar issue, having CTD as soon as the world loaded up due to an issue with the IE Cloche and ExU2 seeds, and I downloaded MCedit - you need to tell it where to find your world file once you run it, but once that's done you can then navigate your world and delete the offending blocks. It took me a couple of tries to figure out what to do (I got a bit confused with highlighting and deleting) but its actually very straightforward (I'm just a bit slow) and once I saved it without the problematic block, I was able to load it up as normal with no crashes.
  6. llloyd

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    Yeap, friend just pointed me to NBT Explorer. I got it up and running. Still, it's a conflict that the mod authors need to fix. I posted this to Draconic Evolution, Ender I/O directs us to post here to the mod pack tech support page. Well, they actually say contact the mod pack author first. But that's the FTB team and it's a problem with either DE or Ender IO, one of the two is conflicting with the other.
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    Ah, was the cell in your inventory and not placed in the world? Yeah, sounds like NBT explorer was the right tool in that case. Wow I really didn't help at all, sorry @llloyd :(
  8. llloyd

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    It's ok man. :D I posted here only because the Ender IO team wants me to. Meh. I just hope which ever mods the problem they fix it in the next version.
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  9. llloyd

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    If any of the mod pack maintainers is reading Brandon updated Brandon's Core to fix it. So the pack needs updating to fix this bug for others. :D

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