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Discussion in 'Community Showcase' started by Dmyster, Oct 24, 2016.

  1. Dmyster

    Dmyster New Member

    Hi guys

    So I decided to give this a go and add the the content on the sub! I'm a over the top builder by heart who prefers simple yet modern builds! The builds will be large and the mechanics will be complex.

    My chosen pack for now is HermitPack till 1.10 Infinity comes out! Luckily enough HermitPack allows for easy progression!

    My goal for this world is to become the most over powered I can possibly be!

    Ps. I will only be doing some serious progress after the 18 of November when my exams end!

    Looking forward to your guys response!
  2. Dmyster

    Dmyster New Member

  3. Boqzo1

    Boqzo1 New Member

    Woo! I'm starting HermitPack for my journal too! It's always fun to have another journal to keep up with :D

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