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Open Server [Divine RPG] Adventure Realm: RPG [24/7] [Plugins]

Discussion in 'Other Servers' started by Dultimateplayer, Mar 16, 2013.

  1. Dultimateplayer

    Dultimateplayer New Member

    Great New Minecraft server running the Divine RPG Mod!

    -115 Mobs
    -Thousand Of New Items
    -Over 60 Hours Of Gameplay!
    -15 New Dimensions
    -50 New Ores

    To Access This Awesome new Server Download the FTB Launcher
    Then select "RPG Immersion" From the FTB launcher modpack list!

    Download List:

    CONNECT USING RPG.AdventureRealm.US

    Please Make Sure you are using the right modpack on the FTB launcher mod pack list
    And questions or concerns please make a reply to this post, if not visit
    AdventureRealm.Org and make a forum post.

    ~Please also check out the other types of servers we offer!

    Happy Gaming

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  2. Zxccvdoom

    Zxccvdoom New Member

    Why is it down when the voting thing says it's up? Is there another ip I can use or something?
  3. tinibonker

    tinibonker New Member

    People join this sever it is very good
  4. Fanaart

    Fanaart New Member

    the server is off cant connect to that ip

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