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Discussion in 'Server Tech Support' started by Caboose, Jun 4, 2013.

  1. Caboose

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    I recently tried to start a new FTB server with the Direwolf20 pack and ended up failing. As far as I can tell, there is no way to make a FTB server on Linux. Is this possible? Any and all feedback would be appreciated as I really want to start my own server.
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    You installed Java right? How to install it varies per distro, but its available for all I think. FTB will run on anything that can run Java and has at least 512mb of memory, although quite a bit for is suggested. Also suggested is a powerful processor and good IOPS storage like an SSD.
  3. Beleriond01

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    @Caboose: running FTB on Linux is entirely possible. I did it in the past though currently playing SSP so not running one myself anymore. Basically what you need to do is install Java via your package manager (depends on distri of course).

    Then download the FTB launcher (.jar) format and run that (either from the command line or your preferred GUI). Once that's done you should be able to select what to download in the launcher: once it's up and running (as in the windows version) you should be able to select "Client" or "Server". Obviously, you'll want to select server and start the download.

    I'd highly recommend creating a separate User (Group) iot run MC so that access rights don't get all jumbled up. Copy/Move the server file(s) into that directory, change the file permissions so the User (Group) is actually allowed to run the program and you should basically be good to go. One last thing: don't forget to edit the server config file to your system's requirements (min/max size RAM to use for the server).

    Off the top of my head those are the steps you need to take but I may have forgotten 1. When I set up my server I went off of a thread on these forums or on the old bukkit forums (cannot remember really). Wasn't a lot to it and provided an easy, ste-by-step explanation of what you could do (of course, there's always different methods).

    Cheers and good luck,
  4. Nessiroj

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  5. Caboose

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    Thanks for the responses, guys. I'll have to go retry setting the server up again sometime this week. Hopefully I can get it to work this time.
  6. Darksun69

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    Good day.
    I have a installed Direwolf20 on an Ubuntu 16.04 server.
    i jsut need to know how i would go about updating the modpack to the latest version when Direwolf releases an update.

  7. Dalden

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    There's a few different ways to update the server, but I prefer starting with a clean download of the server and then just moving my world and changed configs over. That way I know any files removed from the pack is also gone and all configs are reset to the default values from the pack.

    These are the steps I use to update to a new version, you'll have to tweak it for your use, depending on which configs you change or which additional mods you installed:

    I have the current version installed in a directory called "~/Direwolf20110_1.x.x" where x.x is the version of the modpack.
    And I then create a symlink from that directory to "~/Direwolf20" - so that the symlink always points the latest version.
    Where the instructions below refers to ../Direwolf20, that means to copy from the previous version.

    1. Find latest Server zip from (Click on version, scroll down to additional files to find server and use in step 3)
    2. mkdir Direwolf20110_1.x.x && cd Direwolf20110_1.x.x # Replace x.x with the new version you download
    3. wget # Depends on which version you download
    4. mv download # Depends on which version you download
    5. unzip # Depends on which version you download
    6. Copy files from previous version: # Include any additional configs you also need, these are the only ones we use
    a. cp ../Direwolf20/ .
    b. cp ../Direwolf20/ .
    c. cp ../Direwolf20/whitelist.json .
    d. cp ../Direwolf20/eula.txt .
    e. cp ../Direwolf20/mods/TickProfiler-1.10.2.jenkins.20.jar mods/ # These steps depends on which additional mods you've installed
    f. cp ../Direwolf20/mods/SleepingBag-1.10.2-1.4.0.jar mods/
    g. cp ../Direwolf20/mods/ShadowMC-1.10.2-3.6.0.jar mods/​
    7. Modify configs: # These are changes we made to the base direwolf pack's config
    a. config/Morpheus.cfg # Change SleeperPerc=10​
    8. Backup old server and stop it, in server console, type:
    a. /ftb backup start
    b. stop​
    9. Copy world from old server
    a. cp -a ../Direwolf20/world .​
    10. Start up new server to test it
    a. chmod +x
    b. ./​
    11. If everything is working ok, update symlink
    a. cd ~
    b. ln -s Direwolf20110_1.x.x Direwolf20​
    12. Optional cleanup, if you're confident everything running fine, save the last backup from the old directory and delete the old directory​

    I take no responsibility if this breaks your server :)
  8. Fogazi

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    Dalden, love your work. Works great!

    Can you go in a bit more depth on the symlink? I can't get mine to work for some reason. Even after a lot of googling.


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