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Open Server DireWolf20 Latest Version Hi Speed

Discussion in 'Direwolf 20' started by TheChronicX0, Apr 2, 2015.

  1. TheChronicX0

    TheChronicX0 New Member


    Hi Speed Multicraft Server
    4 Gig Memory
    100 Players
    All DireWolf20 Mods included

    Ensure you are running the FTB Dirwolf20 Latest Version to connect
  2. anubis6661

    anubis6661 New Member

    im have a problem logging into the server i keep getting a kicked off and given a message Internal exception: java.IOException: an existing connection as forcibly closed by remote host and ive tried reinsalling both dw20 pack and the launcher and was wonder if it could be my profile on the server having the problem.
  3. TheChronicX0

    TheChronicX0 New Member

    Make sure you have Jave 7 64bit installed..also dont use any xtra mods to the mod pack and it SHOULD work
  4. pakos2835

    pakos2835 New Member

    i have latest version but cant connect..
  5. TheChronicX0

    TheChronicX0 New Member

    If your still having issues connecting email me at [email protected] with your specs and any error logs that were generated

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