dimension setting and mod update

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Mar 13, 2020
maybe this forum is the better way than the general chat:
I play Interactions and the default overworld is set to Dimension 100 (why?).
How can i change it back to 0, need that for Millenaire (ads dynamic villages) which only run in Dimension 0.
i tried to change it myself, but somehow messed to much which the configs and have now a realy odd behavior (overwolrd just plains in previously generated worlds (bevor i changed more config files then one there was the standard biomes generated (and millenaire working). Now new terrain is just plains) and void island is underground in a new one). Or maybe how can i tell millenaire that the correct Dimension is 0? (maybe there must be some "standard" line inside some of the .jar files .class files. no idea).
I'm waiting to get to the oveworld (to avoid wrong generation of it) in my play world (where i don't use creativ for testing) until i have this done, so until someone can help me i'm stuck to the void island :rolleyes:;)
Also are Botanias flowers denied from generating? Because i don't spotted them.

second question: is it safe to update GregtechCE to a version which is one newer? Because the axe wich should have a timber function don't work. The official GTCE site tells that this bug is fixed one version above the one interactions is using