Difficulty Installing Sphax for FTB Infinity on Mac

Flying Shoe ILR

New Member
Jul 29, 2019
I am sure this is an issue that many have had, but as I don't see a recent thread about it I figured I should bring it up.

I have tried following both the the tutorials below, and neither method has worked for me. Regardless of what files I add to the Resource Packs folder, nothing new appears in the options menu on FTB Infinity unless I specifically install one of the FTB approved texture packs. I've been trying to get Sphax working for ages, and I would appreciate any assistance on getting it set up. Note: I have tried the processes with both 128x and 64x. My computer is strong enough to run Autodesk Maya and I am allocating 6.5 gigs of ram currently. There are no errors or crashes however, so I doubt this is the issue.