[Developer Tools] ModUpdater (Less tedium when updating mods!)


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Jul 29, 2019
(GitHub repository)​
ModUpdater is a developer tool created by yours truly. This tool is used to help reduce the tedium involved with updating mods. This includes, and is completely limited to: Uploading the file to CurseForge, Twitter announcements, and wiki changelog updates.

To use it, you must install my wikiutils.rb script and place it in src/libs (eventually I'll get around to making wikiutils.rb installed somehow with Gemfile or something). Then, run the gemfile and cpanfile to install all of the dependencies.

It currently works in the command line only, but I am working on getting a proper GUI to make it even easier. To run it, simply do ruby base.rb while in the src dir, then follow the on-screen instructions. A JSON example and XML example is provided in the GitHub repository.

The wiki feature currently does not work exactly how I want it to, but it *works*.
I take that above comment back, it works exactly how I want it to now.

Bugs and feature requests can be reported here or on the issue tracker
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Jul 29, 2019
XML is now supported in the following format
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <game_versions>[&quot;1.7.10&quot;, &quot;1.6.4&quot;]</game_versions>
  <changelog changes="Fixed the bug" issue="69" type="FIX" />
  <changelog changes="Added the feature" issue="42" type="NEW" />
  <mod_name>Flaxbeard's Steam Power</mod_name>
  <tweet_custom>Updated FSP to 0.29.0!!!!! GET IT AT CURSEFORGE!</tweet_custom>
    <wiki_page>Flaxbeard's Steam Power/Changelog</wiki_page>
The unicode quotation marks are required around the game versions, otherwise it will crash. This is due to the way Ruby JSON parsing works (I have to parse that string you provide in game_versions as a JSON value because XML does not support arrays).
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