Detailed Changes for Ultimate v1.1.2

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    Advanced Solar Panels by SeNtiMel: 3.3.3 - 3.3.4
    • 3 new Solar Helmets (Advanced Solar Helmet , Hybrid Solar Helmet, Ultimate Solar Helmet)
    • Reverted to old recipe of Advanced Solar Panel. It can be re-enabled in the config
    • Visual indication working mode of Quantum Generator and also replaced old textures
    • Solar Panels not emitting energy if power loss in cable more than 5 eu
    • Bug with shift mouse click in charging slots and charging electric device
    Applied Energistics by AlgorithmX2: 9.b - 9.i
    • Added options to disable Adv-Eletrical tools
    • Crafting Terminal can no longer extract items when not powered. but it can still be used as a basic crafting interface
    • Version Checker now will not continue to check on quick repeated launches
    • Restored speed of buses
    • Several Peformance improvements for large networks
    • Fixed a crash related to RP2 Frames
    • Fixed a crash related to LargeDrives
    • Fixed bug with Drives
    • Added Exception Catching for other mods in a few places
    • Fixed bug where quartz knife could be duplicated using the repair recipe, they can no longer be repaired
    • Fixed a bug where Adv Eletrical tools could be repaired
    • Fixed a bug with the new version of IC2, and crafting some items that yielded different items then were displayed
    • Fixed a bug where Preformatter would lose information about items when they are being encoded
    • Fixed a bug where the Crafting Monitor would not properly cancel a job
    • Fixed "require power" flag not working properly
    BiblioCraft by Nuchaz: 1.1.0 - 1.1.2
    • The Tape Measure. Simply right click a block to start a measurement, than right click another block to measure the distance, in blocks
    • If a player is holding a piece of armor in their hand, they can place it on the armor stand by right clicking the stand with the armor
    • Player can now shift-click from armor stand to player-armor inventory and from player inventory to player armor inventory if stand is full
    • Shelf will now only display the top center piece of wood if a block is above it, otherwise, the top of the shelf is flat
    • Right clicking on the side or top of a shelf will open the GUI, even if the players hands are full.
    • Armor stand should be compatible for more mods e.g. DivineRPG
    Chicken Chunks by ChickenBones: 1.3.1 -
    Unknown Changes, please PM me if you have information
    Code Chicken Core by ChickenBones: 0.7.3 -
    Unknown Changes, please PM me if you have information
    Ender Storage by ChickenBones: -
    Unknown Changes, please PM me if you have information
    ExtraBiomesXL by MisterFiber: 3.10.0 - 3.11.0
    • Added decoration section to config file.
    • Changed carpenter recipe to use red cobble + water = clay instead of redrock
    • Fixed trees growing and eating blocks that are not supposed to be replaced by leaves.
    Factorization by Neptune Pink: 0.7.10 - 0.7.21
    • Netherrack dust; made by grinding netherrack
    • "/f" command. (Used to alter fog)
    • Furnace heaters can be deactivated with a redstone signal
    • Crystallizing metals now requires a higher-tier acid
    • /fzds got more powerful and flexible
    • Router takes only strong power now
    • Solar Turbines are being replaced with Solar Boilers and Steam Turbines.
    • Redistributed ore processing yields
    • The charge meter does a global notify if the player is fake
    • Grinders are now crafted upsidedown
    • Solar turbine recipe uses glass panes instead of glass blocks
    • Solar turbine uses less water
    • Wrath furnace handles netherbrick slabs
    • Router thoroughness upgrade makes it reset
    • Changed how barrels put out items when clicked (Still isn't perfect tho)
    • FZDS has motion & collision
    • Upgrading barrels is broadcast to other players
    • Fixed some dupe bugs
    • Routers do less netspam
    • Fixed key binding issue
    • Insubstantial changes to the License.
    • Fixed crystallizer recipe bug
    • Mixers & Crystallizers now render more efficiently
    • Barrel network spam bugfix
    Thanks to MouseyPounds for the changes!
    GraviSuite by SeNtiMel: 1.7 - 1.8
    • Advanced NanoChestPlate. Comes with Integrated with jetpack and lap/batpack capabilities
    • Added disable accurate mode of vajra in config files to help with griefing on servers
    • Added Forge Ore Dict support. Now you can use copper, superconductor from other mods (like as GregTech)
    • Gravitool now works as a BuildCraft wrench and a RedPower Screwdriver
    • Advanced Diamond Drill and Advanced Chainsaw are much faster
    • Ultimate Solar helmet has been disabled due to it being added into Advanced Solar Panels, can be converted by placing it in crafting table as it will be removed in a later update
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    GregTech by GregoriousT: 2.81a - 2.90h
    • Added the functional Fusion Reactor
    • All old Reactors will convert into a Fusion Computer and are no longer craftable.
    • Added Shelfes to store Books, Paper and Food Cans! Guess who gave me the Idea to do that. (remembers a minor Texture Bug when leftclicking it too often...)
    • Added 3 more decorative Storages (note, that their mainpurpose is DECORATION and NOT Storage). You can craft them in a shapeless Recipe of the Metal encased Shelf.
    • Added the "Grindable-Only" Mode of the Type-Sorter (The Ore with the Gear on it), as not all Ores are really grindable *ahem* XyChorium *ahem*
    • Added Wildcard-Damagevalue Mode for the regular Sorter. Just rightclick the Item.
    • Added Plate Bending Machine also known as Bender. It can convert Ingots to Plates.
    • Added Circuit Assembling Machine. It is a Device, which produces regular Circuits cheaper, and is also a requirement for most of the higher Tier Circuits
    • Added the Printer! A Device which can basically copy writable/written Books by inserting a Book, an Ink Sack and the Book you wanna Copy. It can also craft Books from 3 Paper and a Leather.
    • Added a Button to the GUIs of Basic Machines, which is enabling you to switch between Sided-Input and non-Sided-Input.
    • Added several Circuit Parts to the Scrapboxdrops.
    • Added some missing Insulation-Recipes to the Assembler.
    • Added alternate Generator Recipes.
    • Added the possibility to dye Stuff inside the printer. Railcrafts Metal Posts, Rockwool, Wool and basically everything what can be dyed by surrounding a Dye with 8 Identical blocks or by shapelessly crafting one thing together with Dye
    • Added the possibility to use the Printer to create Paper from Canes and Pulp.
    • Added a few Tooltips to make people aware of some useful Features.
    • Added Flour (macerated Wheat, which can be cooked into Bread), got that Idea from AE, however my Recipe is more balanced in comparsion to Carrots and Potatoes (you get one Bread per Wheat).
    • Added some Recipes, and made Sensor Kits now Craftable inside the Assembler (it's cheaper too!).
    • Added tons of moreless funny/useful Tooltips for my Machines/Items
    • Added MJ Support for Energy Consuming Machines. No, Buffers won't output any MJ and the MJ is never getting converted to EU! Rate is the standard 2.5EU:1MJ
    • Added a few Railcraft related Recipes.
    • Added Ingots for Thorium and Plutonium.
    • Added new Upgrade System. Just rightclick your Machines with the Upgrade you wanna insert.
    • Added a few Upgrades.
    • Added portable Scanner.
    • Nerfed the Matter Fabricator to a maximum of 8192EU/t instead of 1000000, unless the regular Massfab is enabled.
    • Changed a few Recipes. Windmills and Watermills are now made in the Assembler.
    • Changed the Texture of the Advanced Safe, to look more safely. (what a pun)
    • I changed tons of Crafting Recipes, including Mixed Metal Ingots, Dense Copper Plates and almost every Machine. I won't add any Config to revert that massive change!
    • Compasses and Clocks are now craftable inside an Assembler.
    • Copying of Maps inside the printer is now possible (I know you can still craft copies, but hey! A printer is so much cooler)
    • Creating Maps inside a printer with compass and 8 Paper is now also possible.
    • Changed MMIngot Recipes.
    • Broke old Advanced Configs completly by letting OreDictUnification run over the ItemNames (its now much better readable)
    • UUM-Recipes now use the Advanced Config. Some Recipes have been slightly changed, and the Snowlayers got removed due to the upcoming 1.5-Update making them craftable.
    • Changed Plutonium and Thorium Cells, now using the multipulse System (and nerfed Thorium by 50% Lifetime).
    • Fixed the Sorters connecting and disconnecting to the E-net every single tick.
    • Fixed Recycling options for Cobble (seems ICĀ² doesnt check for wildcard Values) and added several other things like Glass Buttons, Pipes (also Sandstone Pipes) or similar to the List.
    • Fixed Holoslots, which dont have a Click handling, to cause crashes (i.e. clicking in Electrolyzer on the Water Icon).
    • Fixed OreDict-Unification-API not associating certain Ore Strings before postload happens. That Bug was happening due to my switch from stupid Listscanner to ultrafast Double-Hashmap (of which, one Map didnt have the Name of the Ore).
    • Fixed my wrong usage of splitStack(1), as I didnt look at its sideeffects (decreasing the size of the original Stack).
    • Fixed NEI-Recipe-Transfer-Rect in some of the Auto-Machines. I will have to ask mistaqur for the Names of the Recipe handlers for Macerator, Extractor, Compressor, Furnace and so on.
    • Fixed "Item-Output-Mode" of Basic Machines not being Saved, and so resetting to enabled all the time.
    • Fixed the Energy Bar in the Fusion Reactor.
    Immibis Core by immibis: 52.4.4 - 52.4.6
    Unknown changes, please PM me if you have information
    Iron Chests by cpw: -
    These changes are incomplete, please PM me if you have information
    • Some network tweaks
    MineFactory Reloaded by powercrystals: 2.2.0 - 2.3.2
    • UE power support
    • BioReactor, BioFuel Generator, and BioFuel liquid (compatible with Forestry BioFuel)
    • Upgrades (available for Planter, Harvester, Fertilizer, and Sewer).
    • Single-Use Safari Nets
    • Safari Net Launcher
    • Safari Nets can be fired by dispensers (note that the net will be unrecoverable right now)
    • Tooltips
    • AutoSpawner exact mode
    • Decorative bricks
    • TwilightForest support
    • Auto-Enchanter can re-enchant items
    • Conveyors are placable on "partially solid" blocks like microblock covers
    • Conveyors carry XP orbs
    • Items on conveyors cannot be grabbed by players
    • Items dropped by MFR machines have a 1s delay before players can pick them up
    • AutoSpawner idle time reduced to normal
    • ItemRouter can grab items off conveyors placed on top if they have a valid route
    • Harvester default tree area increased
    • Harvester CPU usage significantly lowered in tree mode
    • Added config to make roads not slippery
    • Planter now assigns its stacks to relative subsections of its areas, enabling more diverse farms
    • multiple Item Router problems
    • LiquiCrafter (sorry!)
    • AutoJukebox GUI
    • Auto-Enchanter has a max of one enchantment on books
    • Possible fix for Safari Net duplication glitch in MCPC+ (unconfirmed)
    • DSU issues with AE
    • Multiple issues with BC power input
    • AutoSpawner not requiring mob essence to function
    • Unifier behaving weirdly with non-dictionary items
    • NBT data being deleted by items contained in MFR machines when they were destroyed
    • Road Lights connect to wires
    • Ranching Mooshrooms generating milk items
    • Item Router and Ejector firing into the air if the target inventory was full
    • Various Creative tab and NEI mismatches
    Modular Powersuits by MachineMuse: 0.3.0-178 - 0.3.2-199
    • Added buildcraft energy to auto-gen config and bumped version for recommended
    • Railgun prototype added
    • Added solar panel recipe for thermex
    • Added Atomic Science API and hazmat modules
    • Added airborne check to kinetic generator
    • Added some new interfaces and moved Sprint Assist to them
    • Final version of Citizen Joe Style
    • UE Multimeter now depends on UE...
    • made auto-feeder sensible
    • clarified radiation protection tooltip
    • changed powertool scaling again
    • changed blink drive to use raytracing and be instant
    • Migrated some modules
    • Removed vestiges of blink drive bolts
    • Fix for cheap steel plates exploit
    • Better handling of modules disabled in config
    • multiplayer fix
    • fixed raytracing completely
    • made raytracing more sensible and multiplayer compatible
    • added fix for keybinds duping
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    Mystcraft by XCompWiz 0.10.0 - 0.10.1
    • Adds the Oil symbol if another mod provides such a liquid (in block form)
    • Increases Nausea instability req.
    • Allows dropping lots of paper into the binder at once
    • Can place single or multiple pages using standard left-/right-click interactions
    • Changes default world provider id
    • Notebook gui element in desk reflects actual inventory order
    • Page Surface and Slider elements allow for left and right click many vs single interaction
    • Pages stack to 16
    • Points piping systems at leather slot on binder
    • Adds air pocket above age spawn platform
    • Correctly unregisters symbols if they are replaced
    • Fixes /time command help and failure text
    • Fixes an issue with item validity checks not handling null itemstacks
    • Fixes book gui not closing on entity death/pickup
    • Fixes decay itemstack names
    • Fixes desk dropping invalid extra items when broken with silk touch
    • Fixes desk not always draining vials/accepting ink
    • Fixes desk not draining "consumable" containers
    • Fixes Eternal Storm ages acruing snow and lacking lightning
    • Fixes infinite leather bug in binder
    • Fixes infinite paper bug in desk
    • Fixes issue with empty gradient sunset
    • Fixes issue with pages in notebooks in tabs not updating immediately
    • Fixes issue with trying to get a block from the block descriptor list creating a modifier with an instability mod
    • Fixes issue with unvisited ages from old saves getting symbols twice
    • Fixes issues with new pages not stacking correctly
    • Fixes minor and self repairing issue with old Fog colors remapping badly
    • Fixes page surface slider grabbing
    • Fixes parsing of TPX command
    • Minor fix to handling of liquid containers in desk
    • NEI Spawned notebook no longer has issues with renaming
    • Prevents crash if data file matches agedata filename format but does not provide valid dim id
    • Prevents crash on biomes with null name (logs error)
    NEIPlugins by mistaqur: -
    Compatible with CCC
    Not Enough Items by ChickenBones: -
    Unknown Changes, please PM me if you have information
    Secret Rooms by AbrarSyed: 4.5.0 - 4.5.1
    • OneWay blocks are no longer susceptible to fire
    • Crashes when placing a OneWay have been fixed
    • fixed various crashing errors
    • fixed world-corrupting crash
    • fixed crash when using DimensionalDoors, Mystcraft, and SecretRoomsMod together
    Steves Carts by Vswe: 2.0.0.a61 - 2.0.0.a62
    Protect your pigs! (Please PM me if you know what this update means)
    Thaumic Bees by Mysterious Ages: 1.4.3a - 1.4.4a
    • Added Nuggets - Iron, Copper, Tin, Silver, Lead. Should craft into 1st ore dictionary ingot of appropriate type.
    • Added Shards - Diamond, Emerald.
    • Added 15 new bees. Have fun~ <3
    • Added Equivalent Exchange 3 compatability!
    • New frame type! Search Strongholds for them.
    • Made greatwood & silverwood planks fireproof by default - added a config option to toggle it.
    • Removed hard dependency on Thaumcraft 3 to run TB. TB now only requires Forestry to run, will remove TC3-specific items and provide alternate crafting recipes for those that do not.
    • Thaumium Grafter now doubles your chance to get Greatwood & Silverwood saplings.
    • Thaumium Grafter now takes extra damage when trying to break Greatwood & Silverwood leaves.
    • Thaumium Grafter now has a balancing feature when repairing.
    • Greatwood & Silverwood planks support BuildCraft facades.
    • Tweaking Aura cost for Repair on Thaumium Grafters and other balance.
    Wireless Redstone by ChickenBones: - 1.3.3
    Unknown Changes, please PM me if you have information

    If you find a problem with this changelog or have information for the changes in all of ChickenBones's mods, Immibis Core or the Minor Versions of Secret Rooms and Iron Chests please contact me.
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