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Discussion in 'Web Feedback' started by DreamingSheep, Nov 2, 2012.

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  1. DreamingSheep

    DreamingSheep New Member


    I've just signed up and found it extremely concerning that by default you have user profiles set to display the user's full date of birth.

    In a world where personal data security is a constant issue, should that not be changed to default to hiding all personal information such as this.

    It is also unclear as to whether this information is required or optional, so I imagine most people will not realise that it is in fact optional.

    I would strongly suggest this is addressed, for your own interests as well as your users, before it becomes an issue for a user who has an account, even on another website 'hacked' or their identity 'stolen' in real life and raises fraud issues.

  2. Rob

    Rob New Member

    The DOB field is 100% optional and if you didn't want to fill it in you can leave it and there will be no error message saying you need to fill in X.

    I have remove the default optional for displaying DOB's but old users will need to change there only themselves.
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