Death Chests mod for 1.8.9


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Jul 29, 2019
In my 1.7.10 server world, we eventually settled on Forge Essentials 'death heads' module to provide death chests as it integrated with the permissions architecture and was relatively indestructible (would resist most mods trying to blow the inventory block up).

Now, the last update to Forge Essentials was in June 2015 for MC 1.7.10 and there is a provisional commit to github in Jan 2016 commenting on 1.8.9 compatibility but since then no activity, so it seems I need both a new permissions system in general for my move to a 1.8.9 server as well as a death chest mod.

1. So, other than Open Blocks and the Gravestones mod, both of which are undesirable as they add a lot of content I don't want in my pack, what mods are there for 1.8.9 that add robust death chests? i.e. they must capture any TiC knapsack or Baubles items. the chests must spawn even if the player falls out the world, and they should not be destroyed by the wither, Thaumcraft taint, quarries etc. Ideally only the owner would be able to open/break it for a configurable time.

2. Other than forge essentials, what mods / server plugin thingies are there for 1.8.9 that can be used to manage permissions. There seems another eco system of people running servers with names like bukkit, spigot, kcauldron etc. but mostly i see drama, forge mod compatibility (especially Thaumcraft) and I'm not sure if they will even offer any permission related things that will actually work with forge mods anyway.