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    First and foremost, I would like to say that the main reason I am making this post is to try and keep myself working on this mod. As it is my first mod, and I'm still learning many of the aspect of modding, it can sometimes be a little discouraging with what I wish to accomplish. So please comment on this as it will encourage me to continue development of this mod. Now let's get on to the mod itself.

    As I said before, this is my first mod. I attempted making one for 1.7.10, but never had the time to finish. So once I found the time to get back into modding, I decided to move to 1.8.9. I went online and tried to see what ideas were missing from 1.8.9 mods. I decided to go with a mod revolving around demons. I spent some time searching online for some demonology related things, and found my main source of inspiration: The Lesser Key of Solomon. This grimoire lists 72 different demons. As of right now, I don't intend to add all 72 demons into this mod. After the release, I will likely add more of them. I plan on implementing 7 of these demons for the first release.

    The Mobs
    Right now, I have two mobs that spawn in the overworld, the imp and the djinn, and one demon boss, Bael. I am still tweaking the different attributes of all of the mobs, but they are near completion.






    The Blocks
    I have yet to add all of the blocks I want to, but I do have some done already. More will be added as they are completed. Any GUIs and textures I have may not be final. I will probably change them before the release. If there are any discrepancies on how certain things are made, it is because I probably haven't thought it out completely.
    I have added 5 ores in this mod: Acanthite, Chalcocite, Cinnabar, Galena, Herzenbergite. Each ore drops a crystal of the same name, which then refines into a metal. Acanthite into silver; chalcocite into copper; cinnabar, mercury; galena, lead; herzenbergite, tin.

    Seal Cast Engraver:
    This block is used to turn blank seal casts into the seal cast of the desired demon. I'm still not sure how I'm going to go about choosing which seal cast you want to make.

    Seal Presser:
    This block is used to make the seal using the molten metal and a seal cast.

    Sulfuric Chest:
    Just like the name says. It is another chest. Probably will make it a little bigger than a normal chest.

    Sulfuric Furnace:
    This furnace is used only for the ores added by this mod. It refines the crystals into their respective metals.


    The Altar will be used for the summoning rituals as well as the beginning ritual. I am still working out how I want this to progress, so it has no actual use as of now.

    The Items
    I won't explain every single item I have, but I will list my current ones. If some don't have a use right now, they probably will in the future.
    Beal Seal
    Stone Bowl
    Holy Water
    Chunks of Copper, Silver, Tin, and Lead
    Liquid Mercury
    Crystals of Cinnabar, Acanthite, Chalcocite, Galena, and Herzenbergite
    Bael Seal Cast
    Blank Cast
    Bowls of Molten Gold, Iron, Lead, Tin, Copper, Silver, and Mercury
    Dantalion Seal Cast
    Dantalion Seal

    Thank you for reading this. I have wanted to make a mod for some time, and finally got around to do it. If you have any comments or suggestions, I'd be glas to hear them. They encourage me to keep working on this and not take a month off here or there from working on this mod.
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    Wow this is honestly really impressive for a first mod. (at least compared to my CopperTools...)
    Good luck with this project!
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    Galena is actually an ore for both lead and silver.
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    *points to Engineer's Toolbox*

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    *points even harder at real life*

    Although in RL galena is mostly an ore of lead. Silver's just a likely bi product.

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  6. TheGoldCrayon

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    The main reason I chose the ores I did was because each one contains both the main metal and sulfur. When you smelt the crystal, there will be a chance at getting some sulfur as well.
  7. TheGoldCrayon

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    Updated. 3 mobs and 1 block have been added.

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