Cyclic: How to prevent pipes from connecting?

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Playing a modpack that uses Cyclic cables, and I am trying to make compact setups. However, the pipes are connecting together when I don't want them to and I don't see any way to prevent that or turn it off. There is no utility wrench in the mod as far as I can see.


New Member
Jan 9, 2020
You can use a redstone torch to break any connection or block connection from any side of the pipe, after this you will see a YELLOW square on the cable.


Nov 2, 2021
I have tried everything (including the wooden wrench in Cyclic itself) and pretty much any wrench won't work. The only thing I've ever found that does, is the redstone torch method, you will know it works because it will give a message in (in the area where held item names are shown, not in chat) saying "Blocked cable connection <direction>" or "Restored cable connection <direction>" plus it will "mark" that direction yellow--kind of like putting a yellow plug on there--anyone who remembers BuildCraft's Pipe Plugs will know what I mean.

For example, right click with a redstone torch on a connection facing east, the east side of the pipe will be yellow, and a message will be shown:

Blocked cable connection east.

Do it again and you will see it disappear and message:

Restored cable connection east.