custom SMP FTB-esque map


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Jul 29, 2019
hey everyone,

for the past few days i've been working on my own(ugly, but functional) FTB-esque map, it uses a completely different modpack than FTB uses(in fact, it uses a slightly modified version of the "DNS techpack SMP" modpack(i added in the FTB V4 timer mod, however it seems to be resetting every time i login) but it follows the same principles(basically the mods allow me to let the entire map be played by giving the players a philosopher's stone, a water source block, a lava source block, a philosopher's stone, and, later on, some UU-matter(only for stuff like copper, tin, and silver).

the map is, in fact, an SMP map

one of the main "new" ideas i've had was a kind of "battle the current" idea, in that i have a setup where the player will have to supply a constant supply of energy(increasing from 32 EU/t to 128 EU/t later on in the map) in order to prevent an array of 8 MFE's from draining(this takes about 20-ish minutes if left unpowered), since they are hooked up to a mass fabricator
if the MFE's do drain, that player will have to supply a constant supply of their own EU, because if no EU is transmitted to the mass fabricator they're hooked up to, their base will get nuked and all of the technology managing their side of the map is destroyed, the reinforced glass separating the two halves will spare the other player's chance at succeeding in the map
the entire assembly is sealed off from the outside, so using solar energy is a no-go, however the "clock" will only start the moment the player enters the monument, by means of a secretrooms hidden pressure plate, there is also an indicator on the floor that shows how much charge remains in the MFE's, however, there's no way of telling how much is left when the battery is being charged

basically the setup for the system is as follows:

all MFE's are set to the following redstone interaction type: "do not emit unless full"
all MFE's are connected to the next in line using an EU-detector cable
the last MFE is connected to a mass fabricator through some transformers
the EU-detector cable connects to the following MFE(to force the back MFE to drain first and so on down the line) as well as a wireless transmitter
the wireless transmitters are hooked up to the indicator lights that show the remaining charge
the last wireless transmitter is also hooked up to a little logics system(an or gate hooked up to a 60-second delay timer) which uses block breakers and deployers to break some rm blocks and deploy some nukes that accurately get placed in the monument's various rooms
there is also a line of red alloy wire connected to ALL MFE's and the mass fabricator, originating at a wireless reciever
this receiver is triggered via an RS latch attached to the hidden pressure plate under the entrance
there is also another receiver with the same frequency attached to the other side of the or gate that stops the nukes from being deployed

it's kinda tough to explain, but that's how it works

i hope to be able to show the map on here soon
all of the mechanics etc have been made INSIDE minecraft(using worldedit in order to make a nether chunk for each player and to manage some of the larger construction factors for example)

aand i hope you don't mind my freely interpreting the "thought behind" FTB in order to make a slightly similar map
(i hardly did any research into how the original map works, i kinda just started building, and im not even sure my two sides are balanced out correctly since im making them mostly seperate from eachother)


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Jul 29, 2019
Cool but you won't be able to release a mod pack with the map because you don't have the permissions to distribute it.